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Why did our Senate and House of Representatives not fund Trump’s border wall? Why did they allow only an insulting 33 miles of a so called wall be put in place and then insured that not even one of the types of the wall projects that President Trump had authorized be put in place for that phony, insulting 33 miles of wall?

The Republican Party in the Senate under Mitch McConnell and in the House under Paul Ryan has a majority in both houses of our government; both men are in positions of great power in the Trump presidency. Both have failed to provide strong verbal and financial leadership to insure President Trump’s border wall will be funded and built. For the most part, neither McConnell nor Ryan have provided the strong backing for President Trump that a president should expect from his parties Senate Majority Leader of his parties Speaker of the House.

President Trumps promise to BUILD THE WALL to stop illegal immigration, stop violent criminals from strolling across our border and even more important to stop wide open drug cartel penetration into our country, was the frisson for Trumps successful presidential run and insured a Republican majority in the Senate and the continued Republican majority in the House.

Why would the Republican leaders in the Senate and House so perfidiously sabotage a Republican President? And yes Ryan has decided to retire but that will not take place until January 2019, so he has several more months to continue to fail his president, if that is his wont.

In 2006 under President Bush the Senate passed a bill that authorized a 700 mile border wall of double layer fencing. In 2007 the Senate voted to kill that border wall bill. There were the normal bureaucratic mumbo jumbo excuses, but think about it, critical border security was enacted by a large margin in 2006, and the same people killed their bill less than a year later in 2007. What the hell was going on?

In 2011 President Obama bragged the border fence was basically finished. At that time there was a total of 36.3 miles of double layer fencing built. However Obama had insured that vehicle fencing was built, unfortunately or according to Obama’s plan, where that vehicle fencing was built there were no roads. Of course that was sufficient for the Democrats and Obama. They could lie about a secure southern border when they knew it was wide open and the drugs just kept flowing in.

Why when there have been successful votes for a wall to insure border protection by both houses of Congress in the past was very little ever accomplished? Why when all the border wall hoopla in 2006 was over, was that protection canceled in 2007? Why when it is overwhelmingly obvious that the American people demand border protection and a wall being built to do just that, has nothing yet been done? Why have the voices of the American people demanding a “Sovereign Nation” with secure borders been ignored by so many of our elected politicians?

My belief is “Follow the Money.” My friends there are multi-billions of dollars, perhaps going into the trillion dollar area being made in the drug business every stinking year. The easiest and most direct avenue for those drugs to enter into our country is through our southern border. The drug growers, processors and cartels pushing that poison into our country would be seriously curtailed if we had significant border protection, a solid wall in places, a technology wall in other places but effective, enforced border protection on our southern border. That tremendous money waterfall would become just a trickle

In the last two years It has become more and more obvious to the American people that both the Republican and Democrat political establishments; D.C. politicians who have become ensconced in the “Swamp,” have more loyalty to their combined and entrenched power base, than a primary loyalty to their party’s political platforms or to any change which will lessen that power, even when such change will make our country a better place to live in. It appears their loyalty to “We the People” has long been suborned to a political domination that insures their continued power, which also insures that many of them retire with great wealth.

Having stated that, it is also fair to say there are some very good and patriotic men and women in our Congress. The problem is that many of them do not have the years and decades of political time in grade that so many of the “Swampers” have, which allows the “Swampers” to hold not all but too many power positions.

This corruption has been under the radar for the great majority of the American public for far too long. For generations we didn’t pay much attention to the day to day operations in D.C. and when they told us to “trust them” we did; OUR BAD. In 2018 I believe enough Americans have woken up to the danger and that “trust” time is over.

When Donald Trump started his presidential campaign and demanded “Drain the Swamp” he knew of what he spoke. Trump was a very successful business man. He had traveled in the congregation these people thrive in. Trump knew who they were and knew how they operated. When Donald Trump was elected President under his proclamation, “Drain the Swamp,” a very cold wind started blowing in Washington D.C. the establishment then came together and their resistance began. It is now time to say “Enough.”

President Trump’s successful run to become elected was kicked off by his telling the American people he would “Build the Wall.” Perhaps Donald Trump knew more about what was going on with border protection than most of us did.
Why would the Republican Senate majority leader and the Republican Speaker of the House sabotage their Presidents and the American peoples demand for border protection that would stop or at least seriously curtail the drug poison streaming into our country, make it much more difficult for violent criminals to invade our country and at least slow down all illegals from crossing our borders? Once more follow the money. Why are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell so adamantly against President Trump’s border wall? Of course there is no need to ask that particular question about Senator Schumer and Representative Pelosi is there?

We have been allowing, by our acquiescence to the politicians who control our laws; drug cartels to pour poison into our country, thereby causing destitution, suffering, and murder to millions of our citizens. Some cities, take Chicago as an example, have and are experiencing shootings and murder rates higher that what our armed forces have had in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. The Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel used Chicago as their main distribution point in our Midwest and that caused shootings and mayhem for years in Chicago. Mucho dinaro being made there. If anyone doesn’t understand the primary cause for those crimes is drugs, drug sales, control of drug distribution areas, drug money collection and drug use lunacy then drugs have taken over their thinking processes.

Why would a Democratic Governor of Illinois and a Democratic Mayor of Chicago allow these abominations to continue for years when those crimes could have been stopped with strong law enforcement policies? When the great majority of the shootings and murders are black on black in Chicago, why didn’t a black President take strong actions to stop that carnage during his eight years in office?

How long is it going to take before the American people finally wake up to the fact that the politicians in Washington D.C. can in fact take control of our southern border and stop this madness, which they have continued for years to tell us they will do but have not done. The only reason they have not done so is because many people are receiving a ton of money to insure that does not happen. Please think about it, there is no other reason that makes any sense for this treachery to have gone on for decade after decade.

Our country could have had a strong southern border, a border which our country could absolutely control decades ago if our politicians actually wanted that to happen. Too many of them did not. It is long past time for the American people to demand action and demand answers.

Could it be that the majority of people in this country have finally reached a point in which further corruption will not work? We now have a president who isn’t a politician and I believe actually wants to “Make America Great Again” I pray to God a tipping point is coming and I hope, coming soon.

Our country can once more start the journey to become the country our founding fathers intended it to be, if President Trump is allowed to put in place the ideas, plans, and promises he campaigned on.

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, lead, follow or get the hell out of way. If you both continue to hamper and delay the Presidents strategies, as you have for much of the President’s first year in office, the people of our country will insure that you will be remembered for those failures and those failures will be the legacies that will stain your political reputations for the rest or your lives.

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