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By Joe David

Pandora’s Box flipped open, when Donald Trump became president. What escaped, to America’s horror, was a lethal war weapon capable of destroying the entire country.

Although this weapon wasn’t conventional and explosive in the traditional sense, it was still dangerous in the wrong hands. Like many war weapons, this one was developed secretly in university laboratories, where it was tested carefully for effectiveness. The world got its first full glimpse of it in action, after many years of experimenting, when Donald J. Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for the presidency.

To many Americans, his announcement caused shock waves. Few grasped why he would give up his secure life as a powerful businessman and international playboy to run for the presidency. Was he really concerned about the country and really willing to put everything he had out there for America?

When he won the race against Hillary Clinton, a favorite of the Establishment, that possibility seemed to be true to many in the political inner circle, and, as a result, the Political Establishment immediately reacted by reaching into its war chest for a lethal weapon that would destroy him. The weapon it removed from Pandora’s Box was Saul Alinsky’s The Rules for Radicals.

From the start, everything the new President proposed was challenged, and challenged, and challenged!

Without respect for fairness, truth or even constitutional law, the Get Trump Establishment attacked the President like rabid animals, willing to fight him over everything (the border wall funding, the Mueller investigation, the firing of political traitors, the classified information leaks, and more). The tactical purpose was to bring about social instability by weakening the authority of the President and turning large groups against him in the process.

For his first two years as President, any attempt he made to clean up the political mess that he had inherited was made difficult. There were too many layers of corruption to eliminate. Every time he tried to strip a layer away and get to the core (healthcare, immigration policy, election fraud, political correctness, and more) he faced an angry mob of obstructionists determined to stall or prevent progress.

Yet, despite the efforts of the Political Establishment to degrade him, the President still stood tall and his supporters still remained loyal. In an attempt to shatter this loyalty, the Political Elite resorted to another strategy, which included discrediting everyone close to the President (his attorney, his cabinet members, his family). The message to the President’s inner-circle was loud and clear. “Watch yourself or you will be publically disgraced like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.” Only thick-skinned government types, loyal to the Political Establishment (such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and more) were allowed to survive.

From the moment Trump announced his “Make America Great Again” platform, nothing was the same again for America – or for Donald J. Trump. The road ahead became lined with minefields.

Never has there been a moment like this in recent American history when so many “respectable” people in government, academia, Hollywood, and sports have been so willing to hurl hateful words and threats at a President, because he dared to want to put America first. All that seemed to be heard, in the newspapers, on air, at private dinner parties was “Impeach the S.O.B, behead him, jail him for treason,” and more, ad nauseam, without a scintilla of acceptable evidence to support such action. Trump’s only sin seems to have been to awaken the public to the character of the enemy.

With a Democratic House of Representative, facing the President in 2019, many are worried of what awaits him and America and, of course, the country’s loyal patriots?

Despite the mighty forces placed in action to defeat him, the President has still managed to achieve (economic growth, a better NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada, meaningful talks with the North Korean dictator, and much more; for a full list of his achievements, visit the White House website). Unfortunately, in the past two years his successes have only handicapped him by enraging his powerful enemies, especially those who are secretly profiting generously from the corruption created by previous administrations.

During his two years in office, he has spoken tough words and fiercely challenged with theatrical skill his opponents. Yet, despite all his tough talk, he has not come close to reducing significantly the Establishment’s strength, especially much of its blatantly criminal and even treasonable actions (in the areas of government, education, and the media). All three seem to flourish, for the most part, unmolested by the truth.


Is it possible that the entire political drama unfolding is in reality Kabuki theatre, which will end with the left pulling off a soft coup behind the scenes?

Even worse, is it possible that our invincible President is merely a pawn in this carefully thought-out chess game to bring down a great nation? There are classified documents the President can release. There are decisions he can make to bring justice to the rampant criminal activities in Washington. Why isn’t he acting more decisively? Is it possible that the President is waiting for the right moment or for the Anti-Trump Forces to go too far and self-destruct?

Or can it mean that the President believes his job is proving to be too big for even a maverick like him? In such a case, the only thing he can do is to expose the raw levels of corruption in the country, and, when his time in office expires, he will just leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

What he sees as his end move no one really knows without stepping into his mind. And we may not know for a while. Nevertheless, one thing is clear. America is at the crossroads. The decisions we make at this point can determine the future.  Will we remain a free country, or will we become another Venezuela?

In Pandora’s Box, one last weapon remains ready to use. It’s called hope – the hope that a troubled nation will again unite and regain its collective senses and return to law and order, overseen by an elected President committed to the U.S. Constitution. For now, there is nothing else.

Joe David is the author of numerous articles and six books, including two novels, The Fire Within (which exposes the evil pervasive in education), and The Infidels (which examines the genocide of Christians by Muslim Turks). For more information, visit

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