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It has become hard to discuss illegal immigration in our country today because if you have any misgivings about anything remotely related to it, everybody thinks it’s about race.  And now that I have noted the elephant in the room, everything I say will be considered to be code for race.

But I must try.

Very simply, the United States was founded as a unique nation in history.  It was based on an idea.

Over the last several generations, we have added ten of millions of immigrants to our country, but we have not taught them the idea behind our country.  Oh, and we haven’t been teaching our own children either.

So now we have tens of millions of people who vote, run for office, and make laws, who have no idea about the founding principles of our country.

Is that a problem?

It is changing our country as much as if we had been conquered by an enemy nation, but because it has been happening slowly, over generations, even those who see the changes often don’t know how to explain them.

Our children and all those who have come to our country have different views of what America is all about.  Every generation grows up with a new normal.  And those who come from other countries, we can only guess what they have been taught about our country.

Our country is based on the idea that God gave unalienable rights to human beings.  And, frankly, that is a Christian concept.  Islam does not know of unalienable rights.  And apart from Judaism, no other religion does either.

The idea that we are a secular nation that views all religions equally is either a lie or a mistake.  And a very costly mistake at that.

Without Christianity, you don’t have unalienable rights.  And without unalienable rights, you don’t have America.  It’s as simple as that.

The result of denying the Christian basis of human rights has been the creating of new human rights, but of a very different kind.

Unalienable rights are things you can do without government permission, interference, or regulation.  Now rights are things that the government is responsible for giving to you.

This generally requires a massive government and enormous amounts of money.  As our country shifted from a Christian basis to a secular one, government spending has exploded such that our federal government alone is $22 trillion in debt, and there is almost nothing to cut.  People are no longer responsible for the outcomes of their lives; the government is.

Thomas Jefferson, in that same document that talks about unalienable rights (the Declaration of Independence), said that our government exists to secure our unalienable rights; and if it doesn’t, we should alter or abolish it and make a new one.

And this is exactly the state we are in today as a nation.

I want my country back.

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