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The supporters of islam have demonstrated they are not to be trusted.  Their Koran tells them it is okay to deceive to gain their ends which makes trust impossible.  They demand respect in spite of the fact they do nothing to deserve it.  The “moderate” Muslims do not condemn their terrorists brethren and refuse to assimilate in countries where they migrate to.  They have established a reputation and notoriety yet seek to contend they are peaceful and not dangerous.  The evidence doesn’t support their case and they need to be informed their actions do not support their case for acceptance.

No one said we must reform Naziism when we were faced with that hate filled dogma and the notion that reform will fix Islam is in the same category.  Any movement which seeks world conquest has only one alternative and this is renunciation and commensurate actions.  Otherwise annihilation becomes the end point.

The notion that we can excuse Islam because it is a religion is fallacious.  A religion , like any dogmatic movement can be threatening to human life , liberty and the loss individual rights.  Cannibalism in some parts of the world are classified as a religion.  Cannibals  worship a deity, demand their followers accept their dictates by faith and issue commands to be obeyed.  This is all a religion needs to be classified as a religion. Islam fits this depiction and has far greater effects on human life and happiness via terrorism and non-assimilation than a far off island isolated with cannibals.  No one would propose reforming cannibals.  The attempts at conversions to other religions when successful has obliterated the cannibal’s religion.  The cannibals converted gave up their human soup and adopted the belief system of the converters. This successfully obliterated the cannibal religion.

This is also the requirement necessary for Islam.  If Islam is not renounced it only continues to grow into a reach for world domination.  Muslims who pretend they can claim credibility as peaceful while condoning and not resisting carnage and non-assimilation are not going to earn trust or respect.

How do we know Muslims that are currently not causing trouble will continue to be peaceful when they are exposed daily to Islamic propaganda that points to conquest?  We don’t.  As the population grows and our institutions are infiltrated with greater numbers, the invasion creeps into our nation ready to assert dominance.  This is the observed trend, the written promise and the rhetoric they spew.

So how do we respond to this barbaric religion?  We don’t simply call it Radical Islamic Terrorism but the religion Islam that is the root cause of this “movement”.  There could be no radical islamic terrorism without the central component namely Islam.  There are radicals of many persuasions and terrorism can stand alone also.  But Islam must be recognized as a component that cannot be ignored or downplayed.  It is the reason the “radials” emerge and the reason the terrorists kill in the name of Islam.

The message must be reiterated over and over that we cannot have peace as long as there are Muslims embracing Islam in any fashion.  Just as compromising on cannibalism is unacceptable so too is a compromise with a barbaric religion that refuses to adhere to the protection of individual rights.  A religion that is willing to lie about itself in order to propagate itself has exposed itself as dishonest and without credibility.  The loss of credibility cannot be recovered by anything except renunciation and commensurate actions.  Any reform attempts are akin to the notion that the KKK could somehow be something other than biased.  Senator Byrd who was a KKK member renounced his past membership and showed by his actions he was no longer in sympathy with the KKK.  This is the requirement for Muslims who want respect and peaceful coexistence with those who they deem infidels.  The notion that infidels are inferior is a racist notion every bit as vicious as the Islamophobia they claim is unfair.  The infidels are innocent victims who fall under the Muslim myth that people who don’t believe as they do are inferior. They refuse to acknowledge that Infidelaphobia is a variant of the very discrimination they claim to detest.

Pointing ot a book and claiming it contains  truth that all should accept and follow is a remnant of the dark ages.  It was tried by Christians and only produced death and torture.  The same result from the Islamics will fare no better.

When and if the honest Muslims realize they cannot fix a religion that is nothing more than a death knell and renounce it, then and only then will credibility and trust emerge.  Otherwise the carnage will continue and a war will come.


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