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Everybody that’s actually alive and awake…knows there is a debate tonight between Mr. Trump and the Spoon-Fed Liberal Media.  In fact…the media has been more than spoon-fed as Mrs. Clinton’s handlers have been bashing the media in charge of the debate for weeks on how to treat their candidate, Mrs. Clinton (including who should be seated in the front row to intimidate Mr. Trump) and how to mistreat Mr. Trump.

But will there be any real debate?  There shouldn’t be if Mr. Trump simply shows up, looks Presidential and states repeatedly that America is worse off today than it was 7 years ago in almost every imaginable and measurable way.

Race Relations?  Now THAT’S where the “deplorable” word SHOULD have been used.  And that issue is directly in Obama’s legacy as relations are as bad, if not worse, than they were in the 60’s and 70’s. And it’s NOT been because of whites…it’s because the current administration has fueled the fire since the beginning of Obama’s tenure when he publically ridiculed the police for doing their job when they arrested his old professor buddy.

Unemployment Rates?  The UNREPORTED out-of-work by Obama’s team, would reflect REAL unemployment at 15-20%.  It also does not report that those making good wages before have now taken jobs to actually BE employed at 20-40 percent LESS than their prior wages.

Healthcare?  Another “deplorable” situation because what we were PROMISED has NEVER materialized, the number of lies told to us have come to light and are worse than we ever thought possible, and the Insurance Companies are fleeing the scene in bankruptcy because it has become (as predicted by intelligent people) totally insolvent and unaffordable for millions.

U.S Relations?  Our Country today is less respected by everybody (except for Iran, which is proud of our Leader for giving them everything they want so they can tear us down) and we’ve become a weak-kneed patsy for any and every one that chooses to take potshots at us and worse.

Integrity?  What a joke.  One underhanded Constitutional violation after another is one of the biggest legacies of the Obama administration.

Illegal Immigration?  Again we can use the word “deplorable”.  From “Fast and Furious” to un-vetted immigrants by the thousands entering our Country all so that Obama can solidify his place in the world as being the perfect candidate for Secretary General of the UN so he can then force his dictatorial will and influence on the world.

Freedom of Religion and Speech?  GONE!!  Our practicing of our Faith without Government infringement has been stolen out from under our noses.  And if we speak up about our religious liberties or other moral issues we are accused of being everything in the book including racist, homophobic, Islamophobia, intolerant, etc etc etc…

Our Country’s Safety?  Are you kidding?  Almost monthly our innocent citizens are subjected to some crazed ideologically deranged person or persons, of normally Islamic faith, murdering civilians.  And we have a President constantly denying it and covering for Islam instead of supporting and protecting the very people he swore an oath to protect!!

The list could go on and on.

But back to the topic of a debate?  There really isn’t much to be said by Mr. Trump other than to ask the viewers two very simple questions.

“Do you like where our Country is today after Obama has wreaked havoc on our people for 7+ years?  Because Mrs. Clinton intends to continue ALL of what Obama has done and do even MORE to continue their elitist socialistic control and take-over including ridding the Country of its’ rights and freedoms starting with the 2nd Amendment in their crosshairs (no pun intended)”.

And then follow up that question with another simple question that asks…

“If Obama and his policies HAVE been so wonderful, why is Mrs. Clinton constantly talking and proposing so many economical “solutions” to better the poor peoples’ lives of this Nation, if the Democratic 7+ year rule hasn’t worked and accomplished it already?”

Case Closed.  Debate Over.  Welcome Mr. Trump to the White House!!


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