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To all writers we have about 90 days to influence the election. We need stories and articles of events that have occurred due to mismanagement in the Obama administration. I urge you to become as active as possible. We can’t let the major media define or hide the issues. Write about any political issue that affected, family, friends, or community. What you know might have more national implications then you expect.

Some examples:

  1. Pollution of water caused by the EPA in Colorado, or their part of lead being in the water of Flint, Michigan.
  2. Mismanagement of federal lands by the BLM and Forest service. Letting fuel build for greater fires damage and wind turbines killing birds and drying land.
  3. Rogue law enforcement who have killed white people.
  4. Encounters with illegals, refugees and terrorist.
  5. Infringement on religious rights.
  6. Common Core
  7. Anti-free speech in regards to patriotism.
  8. Guest workers, out sourcing, minimum wage battle,
  9. Obamacare
  10. Gun Free ZoneDealing with a federal agency
  11. Healthcare
  12. Activity by your union
  13. Actions by local judges or administrative judges
  14. New developments about Hillary or Trump that might be covered up by the major press

Your choice.

Some people will never listen or learn. Others are only involved between Labor Day and the election. Give them the thought that the information from the press might not be complete. Some repeating of information is good, they might have been hiding under a rock for a few months.


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