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Hillary Clinton runs on entitlement as female first lady — not voting for her is misogynist, as not voting for Obama was racist.  Clinton defended a child rapist, demeaned Bills rape victims, paid her female senate staff 72 cents to the dollar males earned ($15,708.38 less yearly). [1] Clintons epiphany into Woman Protector rivals St Pauls into Christianity.

“It would be inhumane to deport illegal aliens” Clinton promises amnesty to 12-30 million illegals plus open borders welcoming more.  Most illegals are Hispanic with a family style of highest school drop-out rate, three times unmarried motherhood, 3.45% higher incarceration than whites. [2] This costs taxpayers $113 Billion in social services yearly plus more billions for “anchor baby” citizens born every 93 seconds. [3] [4] Clinton depends on white people lifestyle of education, good jobs, paying high taxes to support these new Democratic voters.  Mexican professors earn less than American unskilled minimum wage laborers [5].

Clinton Foundation received over $40 Million in donations from Russia and businessmen benefiting by Clinton giving 20% American uranium to Russia [6].  Complainers must realize Clinton is past mere nationalist patriotism becoming our first globalist president.  Clinton ended Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty giving India nuclear abilities.[7] Foreign Billionaires ignore home charities giving millions to Clinton Foundation which took in more than $140 million in 2013, spending $9 million on aid. [8] Clinton may use her foundation to bring sanity to federal spending: 42% wasted, 26% debt interest, 32% services. [9]



[2] McDonald, Heather.





[7]    Schweitzer. Peter .   Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. Harper: New York, London, Toronto, Sydney.2015.  Chapter “Indian Nukes”

[8] Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a ‘slush fund’

[9] Citizens Against Government Waste. 18 August 2016



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