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So far, the First Amendment has been used exclusively by Democrats. They burn our flag, refuse to honor our anthem; beat up and bloody Trump supporters, bully and murder our cops; and insist we subject our little children to discussions on 57 genders, free sex with all genders, condoms and abortions in public schools; and further subject them to transgenders and perverts using their bathrooms.

They mock and berate us with a slew of epithets: calling us haters, racists, bigots, name callers, white privilegers, homophobes and Islamophobes. If we say anything in response, we are accused of “hate speech.” Little Sisters of the Poor were fined $20K/day by Obama for refusing to provide abortion pills to their workers. Small businesses like printers, florists, cake makers and pizza shop owners were fined and bankrupted if they refused to provide services for gays. But that punk in Maine could refuse to provide heating gas to people who had voted for Trump; even while they were freezing in Maine!

Our churches were required to watch in silence as our culture was trashed; sex with anything and everything was promoted; and abortions were celebrated; because the Johnson Amendment prohibited “political speech.” Have you even considered that there is no issue that is not political? The result, our churches have been silenced too.

The whole point of all this is to remove Christianity from America; thus making it easy to destroy America. Finally, thanks to President Donald Trump, we have a voice. Let’s all of us use it and not be bullied into silence any more.

Remember San Bernardino, when neighbors saw the terrorist Syed Farook and his buddies acting suspiciously but were afraid to speak? 14 of our people were killed and 23 seriously injured as a result. Learn to speak up.

When some terrorist sympathizer shouts in Arabic and pretends he is counting down to a bomb; speak up and get him kicked off the plane. This is no different from stating he has a bomb. It is not funny. His M.O. – like that of Democrats in general – is to mock and sneer at us. He is mocking us for our terror, right after the Berlin Islamic Terrorist attack. Exactly like the son of the Islamic Activist who brought what looked like a clock bomb to school;* this guy is preparing the way for the terrorists; so that we will stay silent and allow Islamic Terrorists to strike us. No doubt Obama will invite him to the White House too and Islamists lawyers will collect millions from Delta in “damages.” Don’t just sit there and watch. Write to @Delta and tell them they were right to kick this guy off the plane.

When some perverted homosexual attorney waits until Ivanka and her children are seated on the Jet Blue plane and therefore trapped and unable to get away; and then starts berating the mother in front of her terrified children; speak up. Look at those little children. What kind of monster bullies little ones? Don’t just sit there and watch. Write to @JetBlue and tell them they were right to kick this guy off the plane.

When some stupid store tries to say “Happy Holidays” and claims “they are trying to be inclusive” – speak up. Over 33% of retail sales take place over the Christmas Holiday. “Black Friday” is the day when retail stores start selling for Christmas and finally become profitable. They need us Christians to celebrate and buy gifts for our loved ones. Don’t just sit there and watch. Point out that other religions, satanists and atheists have, or should have, their own holiday when they can celebrate. This is our holiday. We don’t have to be stop celebrating our own holiday. Speak up, write to the retailer, and fearlessly say:

“Merry Christmas!”


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Posted by Rohini DeSilva on Sunday, September 27, 2015


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