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God and President Trump are all we have. Let us work from this premise and show absolute trust in both! Does anyone understand how serious the times are? God and Trump are all we have! Let us enter into deeper levels of trust! God and Trump are now making bricks without straw! Let them work!

President Trump is now doing things We the People and Israel do not understand in the immediate. What else can he do? Even the entire political-class Republican Party did not support him. Trump was forced to choose the least offensive Masons and CFR in hopes of converting them.

Giving our beloved President the benefit of the doubt – and resolving not to trust proven conservative media prematurely judging him – let us give him complete Academic Freedom! If by our fruits we are judged, let us at least let him get to the point where his fruits can be judged.

So let us all get the word out. Though an intensely expectant We the People McDonald’s generation are on edge for instant gratification, from our beloved President Trump, let us nevertheless show exemplary patience. Indeed, Heroic Patience!

A March 13, 2017 Jerusalem Post article pieces together momentary facts and internationally proclaims “Trump Embraces the PLO!” Vigileaks says, “Nonsense!” By simply inviting PLO-loving Abbas to the White House, for diplomacy, is no more “embracing” him than it is to “embrace” the Marxist Merkel when she appears in the White House.

Let us resolve to add a 21st-century lyric to John Lennon’s song. Let us start singing in all fifty states: “All we are saying, is Give Trump a Chance! All we are saying, is Give Trump a Chance! All we are saying, is Give Trump a Chance!” Trust! Trust! Trust!

Indeed, President Trump is sworn to serve the true We the People! We the People cannot abandon him in this crucial hour! President Trump – who denied himself the Presidential salary to work for $1 a year – needs God and We the People! You are needed! So get the word out: “Even though we don’t understand what President Trump is doing, we Trust him!” And as freedom-loving Jews and Christians in this Mighty Republic, we put President Trump in God’s Hands and Trust Him!

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