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In my life, as I stumble from foolishness to foolishness, sometimes I accidentally step into a steaming pile of truth.

Some of you might be going “ew! are you comparing truth to flop? well, sorta, because sometimes the truth is messy, and sometimes the truth definitely stinks. contrary to the ancient mot of “truth is beauty, and beauty truth” sometimes the truth can be very ugly. It can be painful, uncomfortable, inconvenient and disbelieved. but to me, there is an eternal allure and beauty to truth. the allure is that we are wired to seek it. It is essential. its beauty is that no matter how disbelieved it is, no matter how disliked it is, no matter how much discomfort and pain it causes, it remains pure and inviolate. It is the light from a single match that all the darkness in the world cannot put out, or the furnace of a sun that burns away everything that is false and of the darkness.

Truth, by its very nature can not die, but it can be concealed, buried under mounds of lies and deceptions. It can be ignored, but not forever. It can be hated and rejected, but that just makes it shine all the brighter and adds to its eternal call. it can be, and is, attacked, but can never be destroyed.

Sometimes truth is easy, sometimes it is difficult to find. chances are that the way the world is being presented to you in the press is basically untrue, a blend of outright lies, half truths, misdirections, insinuations and bias. do not be fooled. The media no longer salutes a noble goal, but rather it’s become the slave of its masters, and the spreaders of propaganda. Their masters demands and the almighty dollar are their driving forces, and they have become nothing more than performance art with an agenda that is not yours. they want to sell you their product, and please their masters, not provide you with the truth. a free press does not mean a licentious press, and their crimes against the American (and all) people is great. they have forsworn their great calling of speaking truth to power and now busy themselves covering up truth for power.

The truth abides, however. do not be lazy. get yourself a shovel and muck it out. and when you find it, speak it! live it! the joy and peace in your Spirit is worth the pain.

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