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The appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is not about rooting out members of the Trump campaign who colluded with Russia to affect the 2016 election. That fiction simply won’t fly.

It’s really all about covering up the collusion between Obama administration politicos (the “Deep State”) and the Clinton campaign to affect the outcome of the election while shielding Hillary Clinton from prosecution for her clearly treasonous criminal activities (thank you, Mr. Comey, for spelling them out so clearly in July 2016). To allow this sham investigation to continue while failing to hold the real criminals accountable may very well affect the outcome of the next three elections (2018 mid-term, 2020 presidential, and 2022 mid-term) and would have a devastating long-term impact on the nation. If such massive criminal abuses go unpunished, there will be no deterrence to future elected and appointed officials from acting treasonously and corrupting our system of justice for their own political advantage.

This nation cannot condone “the end justifies the means” mentality in any quarter of government.

The Mueller activities are purely and simply just a smokescreen and Sessions, either as a willing partner or dupe, is right smack at the center of facilitating the entire corrupt operation.

Sessions may likely go down as Trump’s biggest mistake of his short political career… no, I take that back… it will likely go down as the biggest mistake of Trump’s life!

Sessions stint as Attorney General has been an unmitigated disaster. It puzzles me why Trump keeps him. To hell with those who worry about “political fallout”… frankly, the country would be far better served by a change and more people would welcome a change of AG. The manic media are irrelevant. Leftists cannot avoid overplaying their game… and now they delusionally believe their own propaganda! It’s called “Trump derangement syndrome.”

Here is what I would do ASAP if I were in Trump’s position:

    1. Contact AG Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein, and Special Counsel Mueller and tell them to be in the White House within 24 hours (at a reasonable time specified).
    2. Require all three to be prepared to:
      a) Bring the evidence of a crime that was used under DoJ regulations to appoint the Special Counsel.
      b) Show the provenance of such evidence to certify the basis of its authenticity.
      c) Describe any corroborating or additional evidence uncovered so far that would justify the continued activity of the Special Counsel.


    3. Together with their summoning, inform each that:
      a) Failure to attend and fully provide requested documentation will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
      b) Failure of original appointment to comply with all DoJ and Federal regulations/laws/policy will be grounds for immediate termination of the Special Counsel and dismissal of the Deputy AG for malfeasance.
      c) The AG will be prepared to explain why he has allowed the DoJ to continue to stonewall and redact information requested by Congress and why, given the revelations to date, he has allowed the Deputy AG to allow an unrestricted Special Counsel to operate outside his scope of authority. Failure of the AG to provide an adequate explanation will result in his termination as AG.


    1. The evening after the meeting address the American people to:
      a) Describe the actions he’s taken to dismiss anyone with a detailed basis for taking such action.
      b) Announce any replacements (which he should be prepared to make).
      c) Assure the American people that the collusion of the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, and the DNC with each other and agencies of our Federal government to affect the 2016 election will be fully investigated and prosecuted to the fullest wherever criminal activity is found.
      d) Assure the American people that no matter where it occurred, any collusion with representatives of the Russian government to affect the 2016 election will be honestly and fully investigated.
      e) Assure the American people that any criminal activity of former Secretary of State Clinton with respect to obstruction of justice, repeated severe violations of national security laws, and RICO operations to enrich the Clinton Foundation, will be prosecuted to the fullest and punished accordingly.
      f) Propose Congress pass a new Federal Law that prohibits any federally-authorized investigator from pursuing avenues of criminal activity unrelated to their investigation (witch hunting) for the sole purpose of blackmailing individuals into revealing or creating information that might support an otherwise legitimate investigation. These illicit activities have got to be made illegal because they abuse our justice system and ruin innocent lives in the process. That Mueller uses this tactic is revealing of his character and the quality of evidence he may possess.

Enough of this brazen attempt at a silent coup by a criminally corrupt cabal of losers playing out their “Plan B”!

These actions would effectively end the shielding of Clinton for her repeated treasonous criminal national security violations relating to her unauthorized use of nonsecure email servers, RICO violations as Secretary of State, criminal election abuses, etc. and would take a huge step in the direction of restoring faith in our judicial system. It would also take a giant step in the direction of draining the swamp.

Failure to take prompt actions along these lines will very likely jeopardize our Constitutional Republic.

Bob Webster

iPatriot Contributers


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