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So you will get the truth, completely unfiltered, and to the point. Donald J. Trump is an arrogant, egotistical, misogynist, that hates everyone who ever speaks against his ever changing ignorant thoughts. You say you want abrupt and matter-of-fact honesty, and you want it so much, you’ll make a man president for it regardless of whether he defies every principle and value you claim to hold. You say that he speaks the truth, but every test of his speeches shows above an 80% lie. You say he speaks for you, so you make fun of the handicapped, show hate filled thoughts towards a military hero who lost his life and was honored with the Gold Star.

You state that he speaks for you, and who cares about a few indiscretions. So you are alright with rape, lying under oath, racketeering, donating to the liberals more than republicans, and don’t mind that he takes jobs from Americans and give them to HB1 visa workers? You enjoy knowing that your representative tried to bully a retired widow out of her property, or that the American worker was duped out of pay six times while Donald employed bankruptcy tactics for his businesses, but was able to take millions out for himself. You find it refreshing when he states he wants to hit people in the face and tells people to employ physical attacks against those who are using their constitutional right to disagree with him. You find it hilarious when he tells a family to remove a baby because it is taking the spotlight off him.

Trump has called half of the Earth’s population a liar at some point over the past seven months, and you loved every second of it. You said you loved it not out of cruelty or spite, but out of admiration for a man who’s willing to call people liars — even if he’s lying when he does it. How noble of you. You cheered him on when he stated that Carly Fiorina had that face, and made fun of “little” Marco because he perspired some, or when he called Ted, “lying Ted”.

You applauded Donald for insulting two Republican Presidents, and the man who has more gravitas, and intellect than Donald could ever muster, Mitt Romney. You agreed when Donald insulted the Pope and stated that Megan Kelly had blood coming out of every area. You raised your right hand in a Hail Hitler motion to promise your everlasting love for this man.

IF this is what you admire, and want to emulate, then #trumpleweeds, you and your lying, sniveling, loud-mouthed fool will all burn in an everlasting bed of coals. Donald is going down, and not slowly. There is a line of Republicans who are in line to throw their support to Hillary Clinton, the biggest criminal to ever walk on a political stage, and you support the only egotistical, mentally challenged court jester that could lose to her. You have not one iota of intellect to look under the hood before you bought this load of dung.

Trump’s vulgar and dishonest criticism of everyone else also indicates your support of Trump. You’re tired of people being critical, but you love Trump because he’s critical. You say you like Trump for his style, but you hate his style when it’s directed at him or you. But every word that I am writing is to be provocative towards you, to incite some feeling of remorse, and maybe incite you enough to research this bumbling midget.

You say you want someone who is so politically incorrect, that your esteem for him only grows when he belittles the disabled, mocks American POWs, calls women dogs and pigs, calls his opponents p***ies and wants women and children to be assassinated. You get a thrill up your leg when he states he wants to have sex with his daughter and brags constantly about his adulterous lifestyle. That is how unfathomably desperate you are for someone to come along and just say what’s on their mind, you claim. So are you into sex with your daughter? Do you want to have sex with your next door neighbor’s daughter? Do you find pleasure in cheating on your spouse? That is what you are supporting. You state that you are a Constitutional Christian Conservative. Trump wants to limit news outlets, where is that Constitutional. Trump is adulterous, a thief and a liar, where is that being Christian? Donald’s tax plan will double the deficit within 8 years, so tell me how is that Conservative?

Trump won South Carolina on the support of Evangelical Christians who were so impressed with his alleged straight talk that they overlooked the fact that he’s a crass, cruel, unrepentant philanderer who says he does not need God’s forgiveness, and who praises Planned Parenthood as “wonderful” and his radically pro-abortion sister as a “phenomenal” candidate for the Supreme Court. That’s how much you pretend to admire bluntness in a man. So much that it overrides literally everything else that he shows. You overlook his bigotry, racism, womanizing, and lying because of one item, while he will not just use that one piece, but all parts of his history if he was to be elected POTUS. Which part can you live with?

My question is what part of Trump you admire. Don’t sit there and insult the competition, when your support is for something equal to or worse than that which you insult, or push as the huuugest crime ever to occur. You are nothing but an infantile voter that has not grown past the stage of teenage mental instability to be allowed to vote. You are ignorant of the issues, the history of Trump, and what the average American wants. We are not Racist, Bigots, Womanizers, Thieves, Liars, or criminals. Which one are you, or are you just bound and determined to repeat the history of the world. The worst crime is the crime of ignorance, and you have shown it every time you support this creep.


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