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Every terror attack committed on American soil was by jihadis who were not only here legally, but some were citizens!  9/11, Ft. Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, Dallas, you name it and the terrorists who committed mass murders were in America legally, were sometimes citizens, some were even born and raised here, and some served in our own military!  But Islamists who promote Sharia twisted their minds and turned them into murderers by telling them lies about Americans that they believed and instructed them to act as Muhammad taught in the Koran – kill the infidels!  The Ft. Hood and Dallas shooters were both soldiers in America’s army, but the ideology of Sharia Islam perverted their minds through ISIS and Black Lives Matter, both Islamist creations promoted by Obama.

Trump’s Wall won’t stop Visa jumpers or terrorism or the illegal immigration that is a Democrat voter drive inviting foreigners into America legally.  It will not stop Democrats or their judges from promoting giving rights to illegals and those who hate America and want to bring it down to transform it.  It will not stop taxpayers who vote for Democrats like chickens that vote for Col. Sanders.  We don’t need a big, concrete wall that people can climb over, tunnel under, or just walk right through.  American needs her borders to be closed to foreigners who want to destroy America and those foreigners who are here to be ejected and banished from returning.  More still, those foreigners who come here to commit crimes and murder have no rights under our laws and should not be permitted to ever again see the light of day – and I’m not talking about our cushy prisons.

The rest of the world does not live and will not abide by American law, nor do Democrats who want America’s Constitution to be torn up and a socialist manifesto be put in its place.  America must be fortified against Democrats who are attempting to bankrupt the nation with their welfare scams for corporations and deadbeats.  They are attempting to cause a massive uprising of the leftists who are wrecking the country while insuring their cronies survive the collapse, and then have them tear up the Constitution to install a socialist dictatorship and Sharia.  Obama’s banana republic and Clinton Democrats take money from foreign donors to bring Sharia to America and they curse Republicans who want American corporate money to stop them.

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