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Even the most avid and enthusiastic Trump supporter needs to be critical of their most hopeful America First president. For a dose of reality and objective conviction, who better to rely on than Pat Buchanan? His article, Israel First or America First concludes with the fateful warning for President –Elect Trump. “Having America publicly reassert herself as Israel’s best friend, with “no daylight” between us, could have us ending up as Israel’s only friend – and Israel as our only friend in the Middle East. Bibi’s Israel First policy must one day collide with America First.”

No other foreign policy issue can or will destroy Trump’s administration as clearly as becoming the lap dog for the Likudnik sociopaths. They relish in their apartheid subjugation of the descendants of Ishmael, who are more Semitic than the Khazars that made their exodus from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to occupy the lands of Palestine.

Being born, raised and establishing his real estate empire in what Jessie Jackson called “Hymietown”, it is no surprise that Donald Trump has adopted the kosher culture of Jewish Supremacism. Metro New Yorkers are not known for their scholarship in authentic historical analysis, but are well renowned for their media manipulation in ‘Political Correct” purity and social uniformity of anti-traditional viewpoints.

The Trump family daughter Ivanka preferred the company of Jewish men. She converted to Judaism before she married Jared Corey Kushner. The praxis of Zionism is well established in their private and public life. Since both are slated to be intimate advisors in a Trump administration, it should be expected that the influence of Jewish Son-in-law Kushner Guided Trump’s Triumphant AIPAC Speech, will be substantial.

So when Trump selects his trusted bankruptcy attorney David Friedman to stake out properties to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the reaction received push back. According to Chemi Shalev, Trump’s Ambassador, Makes Netanyahu Look Like a J Street Lefty.

“This is not an ambassador that a rational U.S. administration would send if it had any plans whatsoever to advance the peace process. This is an ambassador who will please Evangelicals, delight Jewish settlers and bring pleasure to Land of Israel zealots far and wide. In many ways, Friedman will seem like a turbo-charged Ron Dermer, courting the extreme right in his host country while shunning all the rest. It will upset many Israelis, including, possibly, Netanyahu himself. The prime minister is always concerned more about his right-wing flanks than his opposition on the left: The last thing he needs is a U.S. ambassador who supports his most feared rivals.” 

Even the New York Times is having a hemorrhage as reported in Donald Trump’s Israel Ambassador Pick Is Hazardous to Peace.

“After his election, Mr. Trump suggested that he wanted to bridge divisions within our country. Mr. Friedman proudly announces that he wants to widen and deepen those divisions. Will Mr. Trump’s stated desire to heal or will Mr. Friedman’s divisive calls define the direction of the incoming administration?”

Complicate these concerns with the historic Secretary of State John Kerry farewell speech that Israel must adopt two-state solution for lasting peace. Well, Trump jumped on the Orthodox bandwagon with both feet. While Trump Slams Obama “Inflammatory Statements”, Tells Israel To “Stay Strong, Jan 20 Is Fast Approaching” the path is laid to adopt such a pro Zionist intervention that even the most hostile Neoconservative might start to warm up to Rabbi Trump.

The prospects that the United States will broker a negotiated Trump style mediation on the most dysfunctional region in the Middle East and upon quintessential eternal enemies in all of human existence are total folly. The veritable art of the deal can and only come when all parties embrace that their own existential survival is contingent upon renouncing violence as a means of extermination for deep enmity towards their never-ending feud. 

There is no essential American national interest in dealing with intractable zealots that view coexistence as tribal suicide. Continuous military support for Israeli’s nuclear blackmail is irrational. Trump is risking everything by allowing AIPIC a veto over our own foreign policy.

The warmongers within the Republican Party such as Senators McCain and Graham have thoroughly demonstrated their Neocon insanity and will do more damage to sabotage any Trump effort to put into place a non-interventionist shift in policy. By what fantasy rationale could Trump use to ignore empirical reality to further Zionist imperialism? Forget coherent American self-interest, supporting Israel threatens World War III. 

Now turn your attention to the economic character of continuing the strangle hold over money and commerce. The Wall Street model for crony capitalism is a charade of free enterprise. A market economy has been dead for over a century with the imposition of the Federal Reserve.

Watch the video, Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs Is Big Winner In Trump Election Victory.

Trump has capitulated to the powers of the corporatist elites with his appointments that Make America Goldman’s Again (#MAGA): The Swamp Is Now Full. “Removing all doubt about the Parasite Guild theory, Donald Trump rolled out his latest Jewish vampire squid pick as chief economic adviser: Goldman Sachs COO (((Gary Cohn))). Cohn’s specialization is total debt strangulation.”

Even Forbes admits Goldman Sachs Wins Again As Trump Eyes Gary Cohn For Top Economic Post. This appointment is especially ominous. 

“With Cohn advising President Trump, Goldman Sachs will have one of its own advocating on economic policy. Much has been made of Trump’s decision to add Wall Street-types to his administration, including some with former ties to Goldman, like Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, and Trump’s top White house adviser, Stephen Bannon. But Mnuchin and Bannon have not worked at Goldman Sachs for years.

On the other hand, Cohn has worked at Goldman Sachs since 1990 and has been a partner since 1994.”

The New American weighs in this assessment, Trump Picks Another Goldman Sachs Executive.

“A global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities,” was the wording of a Trump TV commercial late in the presidential campaign, complete with the face of the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, on the screen. 

Yet President-elect Donald Trump has named Blankfein’s friend and associate, the chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn (shown), to lead the National Economic Council (NEC), the third Goldman executive tapped for either a staff or Cabinet post.”

The reason why placing the perpetual clan of banksters to control the levers of government monetary and economic policy is so detrimental to the well being of working Americans is well stated in how Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It.

“It makes money the old-fashioned way, through market manipulation, the scamming of investors, bribing political Washington, having its executives in top administration posts, and getting open-ended low or no interest rate bailouts when needed.”

By continuing the placement of Goldman Sachs in charge of Treasury and the NEC, the Trump revolution lost the first major battle. It also proves that international finance rules every administration. Review the List of Goldman Sachs employees in the White House for additional documentation. 

If Trump is going to make America Great Again, he will need to refinance the national debt. With a highly overpriced dollar, now is the time to shift short term Treasury borrowing into long term debt. Issue a fifty year bond and retire T-Bill obligations so that when the dollar sinks (as it surely will) the government can retire (don’t hold your breath) relatively low interest rate obligations with cheap money.

Somehow, Goldman shylocks have seldom manifested national sympathy for American taxpayer citizens. Just maybe some dual loyalist bankster will want to fund the perennial deficit in order to keep the funds flowing to pay for those newly delivered F-35 fighter jets to continue Bibi’s Israel First policy.

Donald Trump could have avoided these missteps if he was confident that the establishment could be defied directly. Sadly, the reality is that Trump already has a bulls- eye target painted on his administration and that cutting Israel loose and firing the money-lenders may just be one bridge too far. 

As a strong supporter of the Trump Nation, the hopes and faith in his middle class revolution was always a long shot. Getting elected was certainly a political phenomenon, but being able to effectively defy the entire federal government career class of establishment sycophants would be a miracle. 

America First is not very popular within the chambers of government corruption. The reign of terror system of bureaucratic governance fears that Trump actually wants to drain the swamp. He is walking a tightrope already and cannot afford adding complications of his own making by doing the bidding of the viper den bourse for derivative speculation. Sincere and goodwill citizens need to give support and have patience so that the populist movement can take root.

From BATR.


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