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President Trump expressed his dismay that the country has not come together to support his making America great again.

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, conservatives did not join with liberals to bow in praise of their messiah.  That was because we knew him for what he is – a Communist Moslem who hates America who wanted to tear it down and fundamentally transform the nation.  His vision was to make America a second rate power unable to influence the world, and to take America’s wealth and dole it out to those whom he thought deserving.  The result is the Islamic Jihad being subsidized and renewed to overthrow their governments to re-establish the Caliphate, thus ushering in a second Golden Age of Conquest.  American patriots wanted nothing to do with that and fought him every step of the way.  This is what Democrats have been striving for the last century and dreaming of doing by establishing themselves in absolute power.  Getting their hands on American’s wealth to take it for themselves and empower those they wanted to prevail in the world has been their active goal for those who take the time to watch what they do instead of listen to what they say that is a distraction.  That the people they empowered are the Islamo-Nazis of the world they tried to keep concealed.  But driving millions of Moslems out of war torn nations, and forcing them to be imported into Europe and America where they are terrorizing and attempting to subjugate the free people of the West, has lit them up to reveal their true nature.  The blazing fire of their hatred is now plainly visible for all to see.

Democrats are resisting all efforts by Trump to restore America to greatness.  The ObamaCare tax bill they passed before anyone could read it, that they praised to the heavens even though they knew it would steal billions from the Middle Class, was the cornerstone of their movement.  Now the repair bill that Trump Republicans are trying to pass they are condemning also before reading it.  It wouldn’t matter if Trump offered them redemption and salvation akin to Jesus Christ, they will resist it and hate it and reject it and fight it because it is American.  Democrats threw out the American vote in 2016 and embraced the vote of America haters, foreigners, and socialists of the Communist/Nazi variety.  Their rioters and media propagandists make it clear they are the party of fascism, bigotry, and hate.  Blacks want white people to be destitute and die.  Mexicans want Americans to be drugged and easy prey to thieves.  Moslems want Americans to be terrorized and force them to submit to Islam.  Socialists want the wealthy to fall and themselves to rise.  They are toxic to civilization.  They are the barbarians at the gates.  Democrats cannot be allowed to regain power, to continue to warp young, ignorant minds, and to steal America’s soul through the lying media.  Trump had better come to grips with the fact that half the people in this country want a totalitarian regime to grind the other half under their iron boot.  He had better get into this fight because they want him dead and his movement to make America great again destroyed.  This is combat and there are no points for second place.  Americans don’t want Trump to work with Democrats.  We didn’t elect him to advance their agenda, but to defeat them, stop their voter fraud and their lying media, and drive the foreign invaders that want to destroy this nation out!  Immigrants who want to become American are welcome, but leftist invaders that want to destroy America are only welcomed by Democrats.  Young people who are taught this is only right and fair and just are being duped by those who want to steal their futures away.  How many times must the clarion call be sounded for them to open their eyes?  How will we show them the truth before they take the last steps down that road to Hell they’ve paved with their good intentions?

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It is a sad fact of life that many of us fail to understand that there are many, many people out there who will take advantage of our good hearts.  The little boy in this video doesn’t know these clowns are fooling, but he shows both the love, and the gullibility, that is in the hearts of the young.  Finding the truth between scams by the wicked and compassion for the needy is the hardest lesson to learn in life.  Unfortunately, most people take too long to realize they are being lied to and lose much to thieves, and after they do then many fall into the trap of becoming jaded and refuse to help those who are truly in need.  Watch how compassion in the young can be taken advantage of by the old and understand what you see.  These clowns were benign, but the clowns in our government who are scamming us with social justice and climate change are not:

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