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Someone once said, “Love, friendship, respect, will never unite a people as much as a common hatred for something” or someone.

The American people find themselves in a dark place, and since the election of Donald Trump the darkness is only growing. In my estimation, for some we have devolved into a nation of regret and broken dreams where millions of people go about their daily lives in a state of agitation and hysteria. So incensed and filled with anger, bitterness and contempt for a duly elected president are these sorry displaced souls that in their minds their very existence is being threatened; their world has been turned upside down and they find themselves in a tumultuous cauldron of swirling negative forces. This has manifested itself in abhorrent behavior, hate-filled outbursts, and hostile and adverse interactions with others with whom they disagree.

When in a dark place, where there is no light, people reach out and move about uncertain and frightened, searching for answers, for someone they know or something to touch. Like the blind in a strange land, they grope about hoping to find shelter from the storm, a familiar place to rest or get their bearings. But if that is not to be and they travel too far without finding some comfort and relief, they can get lost and can become separated and end up in a dangerous place. Eventually they become estranged, having wandered aimlessly in a direction that takes them deeper into the abyss.

These people I speak of are what most of us, the deplorable, have come to recognize as the never-Trump crowd. Part of the establishment and made up of a wide assortment of leftists including democrats, liberal progressives of all stripes, the uninformed, and a smidgen of misguided and gutless republicans. Over the course of the past year this segment of the American population have lost all reason and civility, they have been corrupted by demagogues and false prophets, malevolent forces that prey on their gullibility and ignorance, many are victims of ideological thinking that abhors and distrusts traditional American values.

There is a state of disunity that exists in America, and this has created a chasm, a void in the space/time continuum- if I can borrow a phrase from Star Trek- where the darkness rules and where many of these sorry souls have aimlessly wandered into since the election. This leads me to speculate, what if there’s nothing there. Consider if you will that at some point, hopefully, in the not too distant future special counsel Robert Muller stands before the American people and reports that after a long arduous review and investigation into claims of collusion and obstruction of justice by the Trump campaign, we have concluded there is no there, there, nothing, case closed. Now many of us will most likely breathe a sigh of relief, it’s over, now let’s get on to the business at hand.

Now one can only imagine what the repercussions will be if this is the course of events, and finally this partisan witch hunt is brought to a conclusion. Will the never-Trump crowd possess the strength and fortitude to move on, or will the very thought of a legitimate and authentic Trump presidency, free from any further interference, sink them deeper into an even darker place, angry and bitter, filled with rage and sinister thoughts. Perhaps many will end up roaming the streets delirious, screaming and shouting his name, spewing vulgarities and threats at passersby. Some might seek professional help; others believe that life is no longer worth living, shudder the thought.

What will the media do, especially the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, will they stop printing, or go off the air? Perhaps they’ll take a hiatus, retune and return with a new concept in reporting the news; something like ”Welcome to Fantasy and Fake News”, involving stories made up out of whole cloth of the Trump presidency. So Incensed and passionate, filled with anger are these media organizations that they just cannot stop their reporting, anything, even going so far as to haunt the dark web for some juicy tidbit or conspiracy that is a complete fabrication, but it serves their agenda and makes them feel good, and maybe the people will believe.

Now I know all of this may sound ridiculous, even absurd, but when you consider the hyper intensity in the hatred of this president, what else can we expect.


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