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Trotsky and Trudeau!

The dark vision of a Trotskyite Canada is nearly realized!

The word “racism” was invented by a communist mass murderer, Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), to silence European opposition to “multi-culturalism,” so we do not recognize the validity of this made-up word.

So says nationalist Britain First on their website. This revealed truth is now widely understood by millions in the UK.

While truth seekers, conservatives and patriots do not recognize the validity of this made-up word, provinces in Canada are storming full force to promote “anti-racism” with many measures!

As one example, be aware of what Trotskyite Alberta is doing with millions of dollars with this made-up word to enforce Trotsky’s internationalist/globalist draconian vision!

While immigrants flood into Alberta in the conquest-through-immigration globalist takeover, Albertans are being rapidly dispossessed of their culture. Albertans are being told to celebrate their dispossession by celebrating Trotsky’s diversity! Any opposition to this dispossession will be confronted by:

  • A Provincial Hate Crimes Unit. This offers “specialized support” to police to fight “hate propaganda” and “hate-motivated crimes.” In reality, one can say nothing against the $10 million Trudeau recently awarded a Muslim terrorist, for example.
  • Hate crimes training and information for front-line officers (many of them foreigners) is being “improved.
  • The Alberta Hate Crime Committee and the Anti-Racism Advisory Council to develop and coordinate provincial hate crime strategies.
  • The Alberta Hate Crime Committee will receive “stable funding.” In truth, Canadians being dispossessed of property and culture are to give stable funding to those who seek their demise.
  • A new curriculum for teachers “will have a specific focus on racism.” Albertan teachers, unwitting Trotskyites, will be given “dedicated products” to teach about racism directly.
  • “We will help teachers teach about racism.” Educators provided this “training” as part of “professional development.” Professional Trotskyites!
  • Anti-racist reeducation “available in more languages.” No need for immigrants to learn satisfactory English. Education available in more languages will be “available in communities where demand warrants.” Already entire towns in Albertan are 100% Muslim or 100% Communist Chinese.

A single made-up word, racism, is taking the “moral high ground” and is completely destroying nationalist Canada while Canadians are being dispossessed of their property and culture. Oil-rich Alberta is perilously down the road to becoming another Venezuela.

Albertan politicians imposing Trotsky’s Marxist Multiculturalism include Marxist NDP Premier Rachel Notley, Marxist Education Minister David Eggen, Minister Feehan (deceiving indigenous peoples by making them believe the immigrant takeover is a good thing for them), Minister of Community and Social Services Irfan Sabir, Minister of Labour and Democratic Renewal Christina Gray, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ricardo Miranda, and on it goes.

And now the tables are turned. The mere speaking about the population of whites equals terrorism in Canada! This is absolutely true! For more insight on this read now an article of urgency by clicking here!

Further Reference:

Alberta Marxist Propaganda Website: Racism


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