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Don’t thank Mueller for failing to pull off a coup to overthrow the president.  It was known from before it began that Russian collusion was a fraud.  That liberals got sucked into it, just like they got sucked into global warming and socialism, is indicative of their dysfunctional thinking.  Mueller, who Democrats say is a pure as Jesus can go f*** himself!  If he was a decent human being, he would never have taken this charge.  America is the greatest of nations in all of history and it doesn’t need a fourth branch of government overseeing the president to cast judgment on him.

The ending and collapse of the Mueller investigation conducting a microscopic anal exam of Trump & associates have left liberals once again ready to commit suicide.  Democrats, on the other hand, are ready to continue the charade and force more persecutions of Donald Trump, his family and friends, and the nation that rejected them.  Why doesn’t President Trump launch charges against these Democrats for their attempted coup?  An investigation should have been started the moment it was learned of the illegal FISA warrants to spy on his campaign.  Leftists declare that the U.S. government doesn’t persecute the losers.  Horsesh*t!  Democrats have been doing that ever since Republicans took their slaves away.

The injustice of the social justice warriors of the Democrat Party is historical and unending from their Ku Klux Klan in the late 1800s to the Communists of the mid-20th century, to their two-faced fascists of today.  The Obama’s just finagled the dropping of all charges against hate crime fraudster Jussie Smollett.  It was Obama’s agents in the intel community that slandered President Trump.  It was Obama’s agents in the justice department that conducted this fraudulent investigation for two years.  When are they going to be held to account?  When is Obama going to face justice for the subversive destruction he has unleashed on America?  Hillary took hundreds of millions in donations from Russian oligarchs.  When is she going to be investigated?  The stupidity of people voting to make a Moslem socialist of no accomplishment or ability the leader of the free world has cost this nation trillions of dollars and cost the world the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Rush Limbaugh’s scorching analysis is sheer genius exposing all of the truth:

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The Russian collusion fraud timeline:

  • Obama realizes Trump is going to win over his third term through Hillary
  • Obama instills rumor that Russia is trying to hack the election
  • Obama attempts to install FBI spies in the Trump campaign to provide Russian collusion
  • Hillary has the Steele Dossier created saying Trump had prostitutes pee on Obama’s bed
  • Trump wins the election
  • Liberals scream in dismay
  • Democrats go rabidly insane and begin civil violence
  • Sessions’ recuses himself and allows Rosenstein to take the lead investigating Russian collusion
  • Comey suggests the Steele Dossier can prove Russian collusion
  • McCain obtains the Steele Dossier and distributes it
  • Buzzfeed publishes the Steele Dossier
  • The mainstream media announces that the dossier is legitimate
  • Trump fires Comey on Rosenstein’s recommendation
  • Comey leaks to media to force Mueller appointment
  • Mueller, said to be supremely honorable, takes up investigation of a known fraud
  • Media spends two years telling their vacuous followers Trump is guilty and going to jail
  • More FBI operatives are fired for undermining Trump
  • McCain, Ryan, Romney, and NeverTrumpers sabotage Trump presidency
  • Mueller indicts several Trump campaign people on unrelated charges
  • Those indicted plead guilty when their legal funds run out
  • Mueller indicts Russian Internet trollers as “co-conspirators”
  • One Russia company shows up to plead innocent and Mueller refuses to go to trial
  • MSM makes shows of Mueller raids on Trump people
  • Adam Schiff repeatedly says he has proof of Trump-Russia collusion
  • Sessions replaced
  • Mueller ends investigation without indicting Trump
  • Liberals scream in dismay
  • Democrats go rabidly insane and escalate persecutions and violence declaring Trump to be a traitor
  • Rush Limbaugh urges the people not to celebrate being exonerated by the leftists who have been perpetrating a coup attempt against a sitting president
  • Barack Hussein Obama, who used American taxpayer money to fund the Muslim Brotherhood’s creation of the Islamic State to re-establish the Caliphate, pulled American troops out of Iraq to clear the way and then had to watch as Donald Trump obliterated them is not just a part of this but the instigator
  • Barack Hussein Obama, who declared that manufacturing jobs that he shut down were not coming back to America without a magic wand, claimed that he created the jobs market for which President Trump is taking credit, and now is urging his followers to enable Democrats to overthrow the Constitution to re-elect Democrats
  • Barack Hussein Obama, who launched the attacks on Trump with Hillary through the phony dossier to obtain illegal FISA warrants spying on the Trump campaign, committed more heinous crimes in that alone than a thousand Nixons

Does Trump not understand that when he leaves office that they’re going to destroy him and his family?  If they can win in 2020 by massive voter fraud, they’ll happily do it then or just wait till 2025.  If Republicans still hold the presidency and Congress, then they’ll continue their assault on the nation until they convince enough fools or import enough Latino-communists and Islamo-Nazis to overthrow American citizens and then do it.  Leftists will never let his presidency stand because they are intent on crushing him so badly that no other great American patriots like him will rise up against them.  The war between the leftist democratic socialists and the righteous American Republicans is happening just as the war between Islam and the West is happening whether you like it or agree with it or not.  Leftists are assassinating police, rioting in the streets, and perpetrating violence against Republicans smearing them as Nazis just as Islamists are perpetrating terror attacks, oppression, murders, and false flag schemes to portray themselves as peaceful victims of evil Christians.

All that is left is for this to become a full-blown open shooting war.  But that would take a state government initiating military force against the federal government as it did in the first Civil War.  This civil war is being waged just below that threshold.  Democrats funded ISIS, BLM, Antifa, and their mainstream media activist propaganda.  State governments controlled by Democrats have given the vote to felons and foreigners while setting themselves up to overthrow the Electoral College.  Their pollsters accept fraudulent provisional ballots from people without ID voting in multiple places and destroy rightfully cast Republican ballots.  This nation cannot function as a free state when the tyranny of the left is striving to overthrow liberty.  Donald Trump has not “eroded America’s noble institutions.”  He has exposed Democrat hate and their fake news media of Democrat activists subverting our children.

That liberals are dupes who believe they are fighting for what’s right is the most dysfunctional condition of backward thinking in history.  That they endorse Nazism while pretending that Republicans are Nazis is a sickness of their minds.  Moslems are brainwashed five times a day to obey their overlords and look at how they live in the Middle East.  Liberals are brainwashed multiple times a day by the media and look at how ignorant, arrogant, and self-righteous they’ve become in practicing their hypocrisy.  America is falling into darkness and the cost will be her soul and our freedom.  This nation cannot heal so long as the MSM perpetuates the leftist lies that liberal fascism is righteous and republican lawfulness is Nazism.  This nation will not be safe so long as Obama runs free to conduct this insurgency in an attempt to usurp the rightfully elected government of America.

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