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A memory from the vault. I wrote this 2 yrs. ago when Trump was running for President. It just cropped up again, and I thought that I would take a look at in & maybe brush it up a bit to get it more up-to-date I decided to leave it just as it was except for a little proofing.

Okay! You don’t get it! That much is abundantly plain. But see, we do get it. Not only do we get it, but we also approve of it, a candidate who is a real person with warts and all. A candidate that is not a polished, plastic politician. A candidate that speaks the truth plainly. A candidate that isn’t afraid to speak to the issues that have been troubling our minds, but we were unable to do because we were caught in the insidious web of “newspeak”, the vile political correctness that has us censoring ourselves. That has so ensnared us at the level of making thought processes that it has actually been diverting us to other thought processes because we can’t use the words we may want to express our idea, and thus surreptitiously changing it into a different idea. A candidate who addresses the thoughts and feelings that have troubled our spirits.

We know who he is and so should you. He has been in the public eye for a while and was a part of the entertainment culture that for decades has been envied and imitated by many, even applauded. This is the same sub-culture that has brought us to our present sad state of having stars like Miley Cyrus etc., and the incredibly filthy and demeaning lyrics of the rappers. But he is not in that lifestyle anymore and we forgive his past lest we be condemned by our own.

It is the present and the future that must occupy our concerns.

We the “deplorables” are not supporting Donald Trump for Pope. We’re not supporting him for a Sunday School teacher. We are not supporting him to be any kind of moral teacher because we believe that the teaching of morals begins in the home, and continues in the church. We are supporting him for a secular leader. Someone to lead this country out of the morass it is presently in, in oh so many ways.

We support him because he will put Justices on the Supreme Court who will strictly preserve and support the Constitution of the United States, the supreme law of our land.

We support him because he will restore our borders and put stronger checks on any undesirables trying to enter thus making this country more secure.

We support him because our economy is being sent overseas and we need jobs.

We support him because he will get us better trade deals, thereby reducing the trade deficit which will also make more jobs.

We support him because he will address our rotting infrastructure, which will also make more jobs.

We support him because he promises us peace through strength by rebuilding our military, and replacing our aging and obsolete aircraft etc. and expanding our fleet by building more ships, which will make more jobs.

We support him because he will rectify the dastardly 3rd world type situations in our inner cities by expanding and bettering education, making them safer, and creating more jobs.

We support him because he believes in smaller government, less taxes, and less regulation as the tangle of regulations has a stranglehold on many businesses today. This will make more jobs.

We support him because he believes in America 1st. Nationalism, not globalism.

We support him because he is mortified by the situation with our veterans and pledges to rectify it.

We support him because he has sworn to review and repeal the unlawful Executive Orders that have been issued to subvert the checks and balances of our government.

We support him because he vows to repeal the abomination of Obamacare that has sent our premiums skyrocketing and caused insurance companies to opt out of the plan leaving many with little or no options on their coverage.

We support him because he wants to streamline the bureaucracy that has gone power mad making laws and regulations that have not been legislated.

We support him because he opposes the rampant corruption in government and the shameful collusion with special interests, Wall Street, and even the corporate press.

We support him because he hears our voices and agrees with us that it should be We, the people” not they, the politicians.

We support him because he affirms our spiritual heritage, and pledges to protect it, including the unborn.

We support him because he loves the 2nd Amendment.

We support him because he offers us pride again in both ourselves and in this nation.

Okay, so that’s more than 10. I’m sure this list is not complete, so, if you get it, feel free to add to it in the comments below.

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