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On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to obey the order of bus driver James F. Blake to “move to the back of the bus” in Montgomery, Alabama.

This single act of defiance started an avalanche of protest that was the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, and that resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. When the avalanche hit the institution of public racial discrimination, that institution was swept away.

The Civil Rights issue of today is censorship/Freedom of Speech, and Alex Jones is its Rosa Parks.

Censorship is deadly to a free society. Freedom of speech is part of democracy’s “immune system” to fight off lies and threats to freedom; censorship is an HIV infection that destroys our ability to fight.

Alex Jones has refused to shut-up; he has refused to comply with the orders of Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and a variety of other pip-squeak censors who fear to be found opposing the Powers that be.

Alex, and others in the “incorrect” class had already been quietly moved to the back of the bus through shadow banning (see “Fahrenheit 404” by Leon Lunsky, iPatriot 8/16/18). But Jones still wouldn’t shut up. Because he is speaking truth to Power his audience keeps increasing by millions throughout the English speaking world. (Publicizing Apple turning iCloud over to the Chinese communist government probably convinced these guys that Jones and InfoWars had to be silenced.)

Well, if he is still audible from the back of the bus the only remedy left is to throw him off the bus altogether. That ejection is now taking place; conveniently just before this year’s mid-term elections. It’s ejection before the election.

The losers at Apple, Facebook, Google et al are trying to ban Alex Jones and his ilk from the worldwide public square that is the internet. This is a concerted, coordinated attack by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Tim Cook, the worm in the Apple, Larry Page of Alphabet/Google/Youtube, their allies and their algorithmic goon squad (and who-knows-who behind them – China?).

I refer to these gentlemen as “losers” because that is what they are. In the court of public opinion, their vision of a future one-world politically correct ant-hill is being rejected. That is the reason they are trying to silence the opposition. They and their allies have nothing intelligent or persuasive left to say. Their solution: gag the witnesses and adjourn the court.

They are being routed by the truth; their only option now is to silence those who speak it. (ACLU where are you?)

Their spiritual ancestor is not John Peter Zenger, but every despot throughout history.

I wonder if the ban supporters of Antifa realize that they are the Ku Klux Klan of today, hiding their faces, ready to use violence, though the race they are bigoted against is not biological, but intellectual.

Responding to this censorship, I have heard too many conservatives and libertarians say “It’s their company, they can do with it as they want.” No, they can’t.

It’s their company; can they refuse to hire minorities? Why not? – it’s their company.

I’ll try not to be pedantic about this, but just what you can and cannot do with what you deem “your property” is defined and limited by the society that defends your property rights. The issue here is not private property per se or the Constitution, but what rights adhere to a particular class of property.

If the Zuckerbergs of this world are allowed to squelch freedom of speech on this scale, when it is this very freedom of speech that is a foundation and maintainer of our society, we will be committing societal suicide. We have the right to defend ourselves and our society; if necessary by breaking-up the social platform industry to make it competitive. If they wish to operate as a cartel of despots, let them limit their business to China and the like.

Remember that the Civil Rights struggle was not won by words alone, but also in the streets. Government intervention was the last step.

The only person in Washington we might be able to count on today is President Trump. If he will not or cannot act, we will have to take to the streets surrounding the Googleplex in Mt. View, CA, or your local Apple store and elsewhere, or likely lose our freedom with no hope of recovery in sight. The textbook, “Rules for Radicals” attack on Alex Jones is just the beginning.

I suppose some Black people (sorry, when I was active in the civil rights movement in the early ‘60’s, African Americans were Black people, and to me you still are) could take offense at this article, me comparing the plight of Alex Jones and the “incorrect” class with that of Blacks in the old South. And they would be right, almost. The plight of Alex Jones today is not yet comparable to that of Black people in the old American south, but if he is not rescued now, and the would-be tyrants put down, we will soon all find ourselves consigned to the back of a very nasty bus.

This struggle is never over.

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