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The traditional Bill Buckley Rule is that you vote for the most electable conservative option against a Democrat in November. The new Limbaugh Rule is that Americanism versus socialism can make up any deficit against a given Democrat.

I’ve been listening to Mark Levin who’s been griping about Trump not being a bonafide conservative on a daily basis since Ted Cruz quit the presidential race. I have news for you, Mr. Levin, while Donald Trump may not be a hard core conservative; unlike Obama or Hillary, he actually appears to LOVE this country. You do not hear him tearing down this country here or abroad and he wants America to be great again. No fundamental transformation here, just a guy that wants what I grew up with–a great America.

But there also is a group of hard core Ted Cruz supporters that say, “#NeverTrump”! Well, here’s some news for you Cruz supporters–he quit the race! So, Mark Levin and you “Cruzers”, what do you suggest we do now? Do we go down to defeat while keeping our “conservative principles” intact  while a putative unqualified criminal is elected POTUS and gets to select rogue Supreme Court justices. Or do we do get behind our candidate? Democrats always fall into line behind their candidate. Bolshevik Bernie has endorsed Hillary. So why can’t we get behind our presumptive candidate Donald Trump? Big picture… get it?

Trump’s prospective nomination brings up the RINO contingent that signed a pledge to support the eventual nominee of the party, which some are now welching (or welshing) on their pledge. That sure gives me a lot of non-confidence in their integrity. But I should have known that they were lying bastards when they broke their campaign promises to stop Obama.

For example, these RINOs took impeachment off the table. They refused to use the Constitutional power of the purse to defund Obamacare. They settled instead for holding symbolic repeal votes. Then they whined that their hands were tied because Obama vetoed the repeal bill. Furthermore, House RINOs gave Obama all the spending that he wanted and then some.

But the biggest sin was committed by the Senate RINOs by ceding the treaty power to Obama so that he could have his Iran nuclear deal. (Hello Armageddon! Iran plans to nuke Israel!) It seems that the RINOs were more interested in pleasing a big campaign contributor, Boeing, than protecting the country.

But what does Boeing have to do with the Iran nukes deal? Why, Boeing wants to sell jets to the decrepit Iranian commercial airline service. So just call the nuke deal a good faith gesture to let the Iranians know we mean business, i.e., doing business with Boeing! If there ever was a case of treason a good one could be made against these RINO Senators.

So now the RINO establishment complains, frets, and plots against Trump. But if they’re unhappy about Trump being the nominee, they should look a long and hard look in the mirror. Their actions / inactions caused the rise of Trump.


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