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I am writing this today with a heavy heart, knowing that this 2016 GOP Convention is about one simple matter: Freedom over tyranny.

The progressive leaders of the GOP would have you believe this convention is about the nomination of the next republican president of the United States. However, most Americans, and more importantly, most republicans do not see it that way. We see the convention as the axis turning us toward our future. And we see you delegates as the patriots we selected to carry our vision forward.

We do not, as a whole majority, see Donald J. Trump as the individual who is qualified to carry us forward as a nation. We are aware that Donald J. Trump won only a mere 2Million Republican primary votes. We are also aware the other 12Million primary votes Trump received came from democratic/independent voters in open primaries. Most of us recognize that is not a majority of republican primary votes. We do not see Donald Trump as a man who competently holds the future of America and Americans in his hands. Rather, we see him as an individual who will undoubtedly wreak havoc and destruction upon America, as he has done with his bankruptcies, personal failures and chronic litigations.

As voters, we have watched in horror as an electoral system designed by our founding fathers to give us the finest patriotic leaders, was manipulated. It has become corrupted by party officials who put personal financial profit and power above the honorable service of a representative republic. Even in the days leading up to this convention, we have watched in horror as party officials try to engage in manipulation of GOP rules to achieve personal agendas and abandon the rights of the American people.

With this despicable display as a backdrop, I am writing this letter to you as delegates. I implore you to search first your duty to God, Country and Countrymen. I ask you to consider last any obligation to party. I ask you to give freedom the ability to continue to shine as our light, our beacon. You delegates are our last defense. How you vote on the floor, as free delegates, determines our very freedom. Please do not fail us.


iPatriot Contributers


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