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Once again, Hillary’s Brownshirts, (a.k.a., the Donkey SA [Sturmabteilung]), at Facebook have engaged in free speech sabotage. My attempted post about the ridiculous furor over the alleged call by Donald Trump for the assassination of Hillary Clinton by Second Amendment supporters was apparently sabotaged by “technical difficulties” with Facebook.  (This is not the first time that one of my “politically incorrect” posts has experienced “technical difficulties” with Facebook.) But somehow, a view to the contrary is rarely tolerated in Liberal Fascist land. If viewed in its proper context it’s just another dirty trick pulled from the cesspool of that is the Democrat playbook. Therein lays the hypocrisy of the Liberal Fascists.

Their hypocrisy is exemplified by their acclaim of the 2006 docudrama, Death of President about the assassination of George W. Bush. The “award winning” docudrama was a “dog whistle” call for the murder of the much reviled George W. Bush. On the other hand, Trump’s words were at worst an incomplete thought about potential political action by Second Amendment supporters. But in the hands of the “Big Lie” Goebbels media, Trump ‘s remark makes him the next Lee Harvey Oswald.

But recently, and probably in anticipation of the release of incriminating Clinton e-mails by WikiLeaks, Democrat operative Bob Beckel explicitly called for the assassination of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. Here’s the damning proof: ( Perhaps this is “only” a political prophylactic recommended by an overzealous supporter of Hillary Clinton against possible criminal charges against Hillary.

But there’s always an excuse whenever Liberal Fascists advocate violence against political opponents. Either they’ll say  “it’s art” as in the Death of a President or as in Beckel’s case, it will be an overzealous operative who just “misspoke” his mind. But you know, Bob is really, really sorry for what he said, (wink, wink). Typical Liberal Fascist hypocrites.


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