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And today, the Trump supporters are assisting the Liberals in winning the 2016 election by continuing to support a man who at best is an egomaniac, and at worst a completely insane lunatic. Donald J. Trump in every instance that America could see Hillary for what she is, Donald goes off the cliff and does the most ignorant things possible, from fighting against parents of a fallen soldier in Iraq, to telling his 2nd amendment followers to use their second amendment rights to make sure Hillary does not win. Donald is the creation of Liberals to stop any chance of Conservatives to win a Presidential election.

Donald ignites every racist, bigoted group available in America to back his campaign, and invites these people to violence against anyone anywhere that may not support or agree with him. He has proven that an RINO can prove every negative ad ever created by Liberals concerning Republicans is true.

Hillary and Bill worked their lying criminal ways to convince Donald to run for President, then underhandedly pushed supporters of Clinton to go to open primaries for Republicans and vote for Trump to give him the nomination. They gave him the methods of being ignorant, bullying, over-speaking any other candidate to the point of browbeating them to submission like the Liberals do every time elections come around.

Every vote for Donald is a vote for Hillary. Every time a #trumpleweed silences a conservative, they have succeeded in giving one less vote to Trump and one more uncast vote to Hillary’s win. Every bigoted, hateful, racist comment that Donald states give Hillary thousands of more supporters. Every brown shirt tactic by Trump supporters gives Hillary more ammunition and more empathy of those who will not be treated like dirt by Donald or his cohorts.

The liberals gave Reince Priebus and Donald Trump the map to bullying all delegates to fall in line and vote for the worst of all candidates that the Republicans could offer, and the excuse, he won more votes? These votes were from Democrats! Every time a pundit like Rudy Giuliani, Anne Colter, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee or any other supporter of Trump tells Conservatives to either support Trump or leave the RNC, then they have given another vote for each person who leaves the RNC to Hillary. Any supporter or pundit of Trump who states that anyone who does not support Donald, even though he is more an RINO than a conservative or Republican, then they guarantee another vote for Hillary.

Hillary has known Donald long enough to know that he is mentally unstable and would be a magnet for many racist, bigoted, hateful people as followers. Hillary and Bill knew this would destroy his campaign, and pushed him to run. The Liberals outsmarted the “really really smart” Donald quite significantly.

Hillary knows how to get Donald to jump ship and go “off Script” and go rogue. She gets Warren to make statements like Donald is upset about losing to a girl, knowing he will jump at hitting back. They discuss his bankruptcies, knowing he will defend them to no end. They will slyly leak the history of Milania to news sources so now Donald needs to answer the truth about his wife. They leak information about him being financially supported by George Soros, knowing that will show he is not a conservative, but just another liberal puppet. They have leaked the photo of The Clintons and Trumps together, knowing it will not hurt Hillary, but put several questions in the minds of conservatives. Hillary may be a criminal, but she has the connections and the ability to make things happen. Trump may have been a young and aggressive business tycoon of the 90s, but lost his ability and grace with his dealings of the American companies and workers he screwed over in bankruptcies. Donald is always answering questions about his mouth and what he meant, because he is a court jester, and the Clintons knew he would be in this position.

The Clintons did not want a Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz to run against because they knew they would lose from day one. The Clintons did everything possible while pulling from afar the strings of Donald J. Trump to this point. Donald is no longer just an embarrassment to himself, but to his family, to his companies, to his state and to America, not to mention to all of his supporters and the GOP.


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