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Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.

America is in the battle for its soul, for what has made America the most loved, cherished and destined country for millions around the world. There is a swamp full of Rising Red Revolutionary Republicans following behind Russia and doing everything that they can to destroy America so many love. When Americans look around their country, there is little to hold fast to their chest and much to abhor. From School Shootings to racial divide, to gender inequality, to militarized out of control police, to the environment being killed, to women no longer having the ability to decide about their own bodies, and people being shunned for whom they love. Employees are almost marching in step like robots, with no inclination or desire to think outside the corporate box.

Families very seldom can sit at a dinner table together because of the greed of the smallest to the largest of corporations, ill children, the elderly, the veterans of our military all suffer pain due to the unbridled charges of hospitals since there is no buffer in national medical insurance afforded them. Senior citizens and their families are scared of what this current Republican Senate and President want to do to Medicaid and Social Security to attempt to show less spending than what is actually happening.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

There is no question that the political leaders are in a battle for power, and not for the glory of leading America to a better sunrise tomorrow. From lying to the citizens as the current Red Tide Rising President does daily to a Senate Majority Leader attempting to defend a defenseless President, Americans feel lost in a river of dead water, where even the toads have transported away. Many who follow and are the lowly educated, mostly Kool-Aid drinking type, of Donald Trump actually believe he is the Savior that God sent to America. That is sacrilegious. IT is sad, and reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the Communistic take-over of Russia.

Families barely are able to make it from paycheck to paycheck, and many works 2 or sometimes 3 jobs to put food on the table, heat in the furnace, and clothing on their family. The Red Rising Tide of Revolutionary Communist loving House members complains that $174,000.00 is not enough and may not return to serve again unless it is increased. Do these members go to the front line of the war with a gun in hand and battle? Do these members put the 75 pounds of firefighter gear on and fight the fire in the only home a young family has ever known? Do these members spend their weekends and holidays up until the early morning hours grading papers and planning the next days teaching lessons? Do they hold the hand of a lonely senior citizen as life goes from their eyes, and the spirit of their earthly life has gone? IF they do none of these, how dare they speak of not making enough money? Their heart is full of greed and contempt, not love and empathy.

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Donald Trump challenged the goodness or the lack of goodness in every immigrant who passed from Mexico to the U.S. without going the correct route and informing the world that they were all drug dealers, gang members, and rapists. Donald spent months fighting to block specific religious groups from entering the U.S. unless they had somehow contributed to him or Fox News, and he had the audacity to state that Puerto Rico was at fault for the predicament it was in after the hurricanes that hit it.

Today more than half of all Americans would prefer to live next to a family oriented illegal immigrant than next to one of Trumps supporters who is Neo-Nazi, white supremacist members. Many foreigners bring great moral and honorable histories from close-knit families to celebrating the Lord, to showing respect, and working hard and being loyal to their employer. Something that many Americans have forgotten. Not one immigrant has taken a job from an American who was pounding at the door demanding they wanted that specific job. When did it become okay to toss a stone at a person who loves a person of the same gender, or is of a different race, or speaks differently than the majority? It is amazing to see these so-called “Christians” that support Trump looking more like hate spewing imps of Satan on a terror stampede. Did anyone actually read that you are a Christian by simply reading a bible or going to church on a special event? The Bible speaks of being a disciple of Christ, a student, a learner of the need to accept, love and cherish all living creatures. Christ died so that all could be free, not bound by a government, or an oligarchy. The Rising Red Revolution of Communist Sympathizing Republicans does not bring America to higher mountains, but more to deeper swamps.

John F. Kennedy spoke such words of wisdom, when he asked, “do not ask what America can do for you, but what you can do for America.” He spoke of our individual freedom to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to all citizens of this great country and to make choices that make a difference for the majority today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that. When you look to support a candidate or a party is it out of love of country or some emotional resistance to anything else?

Martin Luther King spoke words mightier than the Himalayas when he spoke of his dream. A dream where each individual would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the character of their heart. Will you vote on Character, color, or gender? America needs many more J.F.Ks and M.L.K’s for the 2020 election. We need those who ride upon the backs of stallions and bring America back to the people. Not metaphorically, the people, but actually for each individual.

Ronald Reagan told Gorbachov to tear down this wall, but he was speaking to the world. The time has come to end the fighting and the killing and the hatred propagated by the few and spread by their protectors. It is time that America took a lead in bringing enemies to the table and not leaving until those enemies left as allies. The world, Earth has a limit to the destruction and demise before it can no longer breath, almost like a liver is the cleaner for the human body, if it stops working, then slowly the body dies, so will this planet if we on a global scale do not stop putting greed before compassion, and start accepting technology before dollar.

America is a dream, a dream for every born child, every immigrant and every countryman from all four corners of the globe. It is the dream of freedom, opportunity, and acceptance. It is the greatest of experiments that man has ever endeavored. It is young, like a young teenager makes mistakes, but continues to mature, to grow, to become the fulfilled dream of its founding fathers, where it is the sacred blessing of all that is good, but only if the goodness in every American comes out. We must shed the hostility of hatred, dry the swamp of jealousy and greed, and awake to the sunrise of a better tomorrow. Be the JFK, the MLK, and the RR, and make a difference. One voice can change the world, will you be that difference for 2020?

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