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Ask yourself “Are we not being conned by a continuation of Marxist strategy to make us producers for the benefit of parasites?”

Are we not becoming the slaves of totalitarianism?

About Russia, has Putin ever produced anything, or does he take everything by force? Has the government of China ever produced anything or is it enslaving the producers with more and more regulation? Has the “convergence” with Marxist ideology (perestroika) bettered the thinking or has it led to the rise of leftism? Has leftism provided any good for the US?

Marxism is alive and well in Russia and China and is making great headway throughout the world. Recently, I learned that New Zealand has bought into socialism and “convergence” with the new president saying that they want to “put a human face on capitalism.” Well, in The Perestroika Deception, the communists want to “put a human face on socialism” — that is convergence. Western thought has always been weakened by the “convergence” with socialist ideology.

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The US must stand for the principles of individual opportunity and the protection of individual rights. That is the basis upon which the US was founded. Instead, those we elected to protect our individual rights, sold our nation out to “globalism”. We let the collective take over our thinking so much that we are making compromises with liberty, with rights, with justice, with truth and yes, even with good and evil.

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Putin loves his country, and the Marxist ideology upon which it was formed. But we, the US doesn’t love it’s nation enough to even recognize the individualist ideology upon which it was formed. Putin is persuasive because his beliefs are consistent — his beliefs are totalitarian — they are opposite to the individualism upon which the US was founded — he is consistent, and he is wrong.

And when Gorbachev (the man who said “we must kill the cult of individualism throughout the world”) was recently resuscitated to speak his “words of wisdom” I was even more convinced that Perestroika is indeed a strategic deception.

Russia is neither democratic nor Christian Orthodox. It is Marxist, socialist and seeks to conquer the world through ideology. “Spiritual capitalism” is the attempt to turn the state controlled society into a religion that all must follow. They — Russia, China, and the guiding Marxist ideology — want to BECOME the NWO global government. There is never anything “free” in free education and free healthcare, we pay for it with taxes, but more importantly we pay for it by giving up the freedom to think individually and we give up our health by relying on the state to keep us healthy when they may be wanting to kill us. The Voldai Discussion Group and the Youth Forums of Russia are no more nor less than strategic indoctrination centers for Marxism.

We focus on their tactics and ignore their strategy. Both Russia and China seeks totalitarian control over their population, over their economy, over their society, over their worship. Their “democracy” is a strategic element of a fraud that insures the continuation of Marxism and the continuation of totalitarian rule. Their work with multipolar partnerships to insure convergence of the ideology — less freedom of exchange of value for value and more acceptance of socialism, and thus more acceptance of Marxist ideology.

You owe it to yourself to read “The Perestroika Deception” because it outlines the strategy of totalitarianism and socialist takeover of society throughout the world. Just because it was written before Putin came to power is no excuse to not read it any more than it is an excuse for not reading Marx. The leader of today is the product of the ideology and strategy of yesterday. The leaders will be influenced, or fully follow, the long term plan. To make sense of what is happening, it is necessary to study the ideology and plan, not just the actions of the leader. Why he does things is as, or more, important that what he does.

The convergence sought is the Hegel or Marx dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis). If you are not familiar with this concept it is the basis of all socialism, both in the economic and the social realm. In essence it says, “Do not strive for the best (the common good). Strive for the average and call it ‘ideal’. If you worship mediocrity, all good will be destroyed.” The short version of Marx’s “scientific socialism” is “On one hand we have a thesis, that represents the best of the best. On another hand we have the antithesis, that represents the opposite — the worst of the worst. So, the “ideal” solution is to find a COMPROMISE BETWEEN THE TWO EXTREMES.”

If we understand what that implies, it will explain societal problems. It explains the lack of competition, the impunity, the corruption and the lack of ethics and morality in all social, economic and now scientific endeavors. Socialism is bad. There is no “convergence” or meeting ground between good and evil. One must think about it and decide. To decide for a compromise between good and bad is to accept mediocrity as “ideal” and to opt for an ever declining spiral of evil that will destroy everything good about humanity.

People revolt at a system that’s supposed to be “fair and equal” because people with equal opportunity are not equal in results. So they seek something to equalize mediocrity. They end up with a totalitarian system the “distributes the wealth” instead of offering equal opportunity for all under the law.

The only ones that can benefit from that are the ones that rule. So you end up with “Animal Farm” and the hogs are “more equal” than the rest of the population. Then socialism “mysteriously fails” and the socialists blame the “greedy capitalists” when in fact they are the ones that required the capitalists to get the protection of the government to just survive. They revolt because they are offered a consistent system that takes care of all their problems. But the consistent system is flawed in principle, because people are not equal in effort, intelligence, ability or drive. In a consistent system, the rulers get to distribute for all, and get to charge “administrative fees” which soon becomes influence peddling, bribery and all other forms of corruption.

Yep, people revolt to a consistent system, but if that system is flawed in principle those who rule can live from the efforts of productive people for a while, until people revolt against the tyranny of repression and rule by the force instead of the ability. So, given time, socialism fails, and when it does, the world is worse for wear. So, individualism, individual striving, individual effort and individual progress comes back — it has to — to start over and rebuild from the ashes of a failed collective experiment.

There has been NO socialist system that, over the long pull, has succeeded in practice. ALL Marxist systems succeed in theory, until they are tried. Marxism is socialism and socialism is parasitism. It runs out when it can’t leech from producers because there are too many parasites. Then the parasites start eating their own until you have the symbolic zombie war.

Take a close up look at Venezuela and you will see how socialism “evolves.” Based on the information at hand, China and Russia are joining hands to make the whole globe the parasitic feeding ground, and they have too much hubris to realize that the only ones who will get the globe afterwards are the globalist usurers.

Given socialism “it can’t end any other way.”

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Herman Gazort

Prove everything. Don't rely on me or any "expert." Find truth for yourself. I will give you what I found and try to convince you with proof, information, example and a solid argument, but trust no one. Prove your truth for yourself, by yourself. That is how you can defend it.


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