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When we say or write the word “war” battlefield images come to mind, but in this day there are new kinds of war.  Mexico, under the guide of the corrupt PRI Communist party has discovered money and power in sending their poor people north to work in America and send money home.  It is now the second leading source of income for the nation of Mexico.  The first is drug sales.

The soldier of choice for Mexico is a teenager who could not get an education or job in Mexico, but he can be a drug “mule” on his way to America.  His annual casualty body count is thought to be 30,000 overdosed Americans the plus addiction of millions paying billions of Dollars for their poison.

Small children have been engaged in a maneuver where they are rented  or stolen by adult drug couriers presenting them as their children seeking asylum and they are taken aboard these trains to ride over 1,000 miles then climb a wall or penetrate a fence, perhaps through a tunnel in a nightmare that may take week of their lives, or all of it if they fall off the train.

Were this seen happening within America any of the “child protective services” in any of our 3141 counties would grab those kids in minute and keep them, but the Democrats are totally opposed to this in spite of the facts our law was passed in the term of George W. Bush and laid untouched by President Obama who we are increasingly convinced found the Oval Office a good place to take a nap.  He did nothing about it for eight years, but ignore it.  And, well did the major media who would not criticize him “because he’s black.”

The main reason Democrats want no borders or free passage for unskilled, illiterate Spanish speakers is that they provide the two things that Democrats must have:  (1) votes and (2) a needy class. Votes keep them in power and needy people provide cheap home, farm and industrial workers.

Each of these families cost us $60,000 in welfare, medical, social services, criminal justice and incarceration expenses while they average contributing no more than $20,000 to our economy, if that, and they will send up to one-half that to Mexico.  They are also 147% more likely to be involved in crime than American citizens according to a recent study by the state of Arizona Social Services Department.

Jerry Brown may even have a plan to have California returned to Mexico with him in place as “Eternal Governor.”  It’s a crazy idea, but I note it having met Governor Brown and tried to hold a conversation with him.  He is so bent-over-double with political “never offend anyone” speech he cannot hold a coherent conversation.  This suits “Moonbeam Brown” perfectly.  The new face of war.

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