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According to the Progressive playbook, chaos is a desirable objective to vigorously pursue. In their pursuit of chaos, the Progressives are masters at turning the world upside down.

Ironically, “chaos” is the preferred nickname of Secretary of Defense James Mattis. who is well known for turning our enemies’ world upside down. He mirrors the tactics adopted by left-wing extremists.

This cabal have many tools available to attack the Trump administration. Embedded within the bureaucracy are moles who impede policy and selectively leak information. This negative information is handed over to the left-wing mainstream media where, rather than check the accuracy of the information, they disseminate fake news stories and generate hit pieces attacking the administration. The media, in turn, is joined by Progressive political mouthpieces, like Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, and Elijah Cummings on one side of the political aisle and Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Justin Amash on the Republican side. They gin things up by calling for Trump appointees to step down.

Organizing for Action, led by former President Obama, organizes, trains and supports 3,000 left-wing radicals who lead protests against President Trump all across the country from their 250 offices. Some of these protests turn violent displaying anarchy on the streets. This past weekend, leftist attacked middle-class citizens gathered for supporting President Trump. At a Berkeley demonstration, a week earlier, directed against against Milo Yiannopoulos, these left-wing demonstrators caused $100,000 in damage on the campus.

The shock troops, which were financed by billionaire George Soros, dressed in black with their faces covered, and spread their dystopian behavior on our streets. They intimidate and attack people and police, smash windows, and set fires to top off their Progressive chaos.

How long will the common man put up with this assault on our country? It won’t stop until good people step up and demand a return to civility in our politics – and insist on honesty from politicians and the media – and respect each other. Until we as a people, who again support these Judeo/Christian values, the chaos of the left-wing Progressive radicals will continue to divide us. And we must remember a house divided cannot stand. Pray for personal discernment!

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