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They say the early bird gets the worm and since I’m an old farm boy getting up at 4 am isn’t a tough thing for me (actually I’m usually up at 3 am but that’s another story). Back on grandpa’s farm if you wanted breakfast those cows had to be fed, herded out into the fields for the day, and their waste troth had to be cleaned. Before breakfast. Trust me if you saw the spread my grandmother put out every morning you’d know it was worth it. Yeah, she was up at 4 am too because baking biscuits every morning takes time.

The point is getting up early has been normal for me so I rarely miss a thing while I’m digging for news for the pages I run.

Like a bloodhound, I get up early every morning on the hunt for news stories especially those you wouldn’t expect on the nightly news but lately, that job has gotten a lot easier. The news kinda stopped.

For the last 3+ years searching for news has involved viewing at least 10 stories before finding one worth posting and usually a lot more. I have to filter out the obvious B.S. (every news organization prints B.S. to some degree) and those that I know will get beat to death by every other site on the net. This is usually a daunting task but not so much lately. Lately, the challenge has been to find enough articles not filtering them. It’s kinda like the news stopped.

Among the factors that have contributed to whatever this is was obviously Mueller’s findings and the ramifications for the press. Who really trusts the mainstream press anymore? First, it was Trump can’t win and then it was Trump colluded with Russia and both were proved false and exposed the presses political bias. There were also some pretty devastating layoffs in the press especially with organizations that were the banner-men (banner-persons?) for the left. Apparently, there will be a lot of code writers coming up in the ranks soon. And lest we not forget Jeff Zucker’s (CNN) comment about how his journalists aren’t investigators. When did investigative reporting die?

It feels a little weird not to have this avalanche of news articles every day to sift through. I’ve been sitting in this dam chair a long time now. I think today I’m going to go outside. Maybe ride my bike or clean up that mess in the back yard.

Yeah, I guess I could do those things but I better not get too used to this newfound spare time. The press hasn’t changed they have just lost their footing and are staggering around aimlessly for a while but they’ll find some more division and hate somewhere. After all, most of them are Democrats.

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