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All children of illegal immigrants who have entered this country at least one day prior to the announcement of this bill will be granted amnesty with a normal path to citizenship under three conditions:

1)         The amnesty will take place upon completion of securing the border.  How is that determined?  When illegal border crossings have effectively ended.  When there are no more new pictures of large groups of people crossing our borders.  Or any other criterion you can agree on.

2)         Any DACA recipient who receives amnesty will count against the total number of immigrants that we allow into the country legally from all other sources, including lottery and family programs.  If a million DACA recipients file for amnesty, they will replace one million other legal immigrants.

However, if there are other legal immigrant applicants with superior qualifications, such as needed skills, proven entrepreneurial ability, or are true refugees, e.g. fleeing persecution, these will be accepted first.  But in all cases, the number of legal immigrants will not be increased above the limit set by Congress.

3)         DACA recipients can be removed from our country for crimes that endanger or harm other people, or if they are shown to be a burden to our society by an excessive dependence on government assistance programs.

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