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In an internal memo dated June 5, 2016, a full month before dropping out of the race and endorsing Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders was plotting how to best blackmail the Hillary Clinton campaign. In exchange for his endorsement, the memo details the Sanders campaign’s “asks” from the presumptive Democratic front-runner. Those thinly veiled attempts at “leverage” as the Sanders camp called it included demands for:Bernie_1

  1. A prime-time slot to speak at the DNC National Convention on Tuesday night. This would “reinforce his impact on the party”.
  2. Name several Sanders supporters co-chairs of the convention.
  3. Key votes on minority agenda items. This would “give our delegates a sense of participation and input on the party and the convention”.
  4. A plane and staff. This would “be paid for by the DNC”.
  5. Allow Sanders to campaign for a Democratic Senate. This would “help Sanders deliver a majority and take credit for it“.

The blatant dishonesty and corruption of a political candidate making back-room deals with his competition while raising funds for his own campaign (which he did for over at least one month) is simply appalling.

Maybe it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Bernie Sanders would sell his political soul for a buck. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising because true conservatives have been make similar claims about political corruption in our system for the last quarter-century. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising because the media mogul Republican Presidential nominee says the system is broken every chance he gets.

It doesn’t matter who says it, we (the American people) don’t seem to get it…or we are too lackadaisical to care. The system is broken. It’s been broken. And it will be broken until we elect someone who will fix it.


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