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For Crypto Currency, Bitcoin and Digital Money, all that is required, is to convert your real money into air.  This is not a new concept, politicians do this all the time, making your money disappear.  Now the financial world has added a new twist in the form of crypto money, taking real money and turning it into ones and zeros.

I’m of the school of if I can’t touch it, hold it or pocket my money it don’t exist, while some countries embrace this magical coin, many countries do not and ban this digital currency.  The banking protections that are reserved for the real money exchange do not exist as of yet for this fantasy money.

This digital money also opens the door for financial institutions and governments to add more controls on people and be able to dictate what purchases you can or cannot make, such as buying a firearm.    Governments will use the excuse that coins and paper money are obsolete and expensive for governments to maintain.   The moment that you no longer have money that you can carry in pocket, you are at the mercy of the people who control the money

In many ways the digital money craze reminds me of Snidely Whiplash’s carnival games of chance, you have the choice of the sure thing, keeping your money in your pocket or lose your money going for the big stuffed teddy bear.


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