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ABC just cancelled Roseanne Barr’s reboot, despite being it’s first #1 show in 24 years, because of a tweet the actress made that was deemed racially hateful.  Leftist execs wanted to cancel the show anyway because Barr supports Trump.  This is indicative of the degree to which the Left will go to destroy Trump supporters.  When they are willing to cut off their own noses despite their faces, there is little hope they will stop trying to demonize Republicans and censor conservative voices.  The tweet would have been considered off-color a few years ago and is the same as ones she has made previously, so it’s not like they didn’t know what they were getting up front.  As far as slurs go this Tweet was nothing compared with what leftist so-called comedians have said to slander Republicans and white people since Trump’s candidacy, and leftists all had a good laugh over them.  It says a great deal about people who openly mock others but can’t take a joke themselves.  And does anyone question why Obama and Hillary both had Iranians as their personal assistants?  Not Americans of Iranian descent.  Iranians!

#1 Roseanne cancelled by ABC over tweet joke

Liberals guilty of fascist bigotry

Ivanka called ‘nasty, soulless troll’ over tweet of sweet pic with her baby

Why can’t white people compare black people to apes?  Blacks compare white people to apes.  Atheist liberals believe we are all descended from apes.  The most popular movie among blacks, Black Panther, depicted a vicious African tribe emulating apes.  So why is comparing a person of African descent to apes wrong?  Or is it only wrong when white people do it?  Making the comparison is not racism.  Condemning the white person for doing it is!  Next thing you know they’ll be saying white apes are privileged.

We are all prejudiced.  If anyone tells you they are not prejudiced, they are liars.  Prejudice is inherent in human nature.  What is not is bigotry and the deceivers who deliberately try to warp people’s minds.  President Trump is not a racist.  A racist is someone who dislikes someone because of the color of their skin.  They are bigots to whom the content of one’s character does not matter.  Donald Trump was not only praised, but awarded for his racial equality, until he ran for president against Democrats.

Wanting to build a wall to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country unknown to the authorities, wanting to ban Moslems coming from countries that export terrorists to make America until they can be thoroughly vetted, is not racism.  Exercising security from foreign invaders who would do the citizens harm is not an act of racism, it is an act of intelligence.  If you know someone who calls that racism, that is not an intelligent person, that is a stupid person, and you should know better than to agree with them.

Since Trump’s election, the left has tried to throw up a façade of being without sin and attempted to don the mantle of righteousness.  But, try as they might, they fall on their faces.  They declare Trump to be a misogynist, woman molesting pig, yet when the curtain is drawn back it reveals a pack of liberal Democrats, not Trump, falling out of the closet to be charged as serial abusers of women.  Donald Trump, who has been around the world’s most beautiful women all his life, women that these Democrats lust for, has always been described by them as the perfect gentleman.  But that never deters liberal media propagandists from manufacturing lies by which to slander him.  It’s just like liberals to accuse Trump of lusting for his own gorgeous daughter when it is the likes of serial molester Bill Clinton who is caught on video ogling her lustfully at the inauguration.

Serial molester Bill Clinton ogles Ivanka Trump at inauguration

Leftists falsely declare Republicans are the new KKK neo-Nazis.  Yet when the light is shined on all it is once again revealed that it is Democrats, the party of slavery, the creators of the KKK, and the instigators of Jim Crowe laws, that are still the racist slavers.  They are trying to keep their welfare voter slaves in line to serve under their rule by convincing them into believing they are the new Republicans and that Republicans have become Democrats.  Only the most ignorant fools believe this, but they are many.

Kanye West Hunted Down by Modern Slavers

Prejudice and Bigotry

Why are people prejudiced?  Why do people hate?  You think you have it bad because you’re black in a nation whose majority is white?  Perhaps you should examine why you resent people for being white?  In South Africa, people are being robbed, raped, and murdered for being white with the government’s consent!  You think racism is only for rich white people?  Racism comes from all people.  Every person is both good and bad with some being more good than bad and vice versa.  All groups have both good and bad people in their ranks.  Some groups are mostly good people who have had some bad people infiltrate them.  Others are mostly bad people who have duped some good people into associating with them.

For example, the left condemns police as racists.  There are some police who are racist bigots and they commit crimes against the innocent.  But they are rare.  There are some criminals who are good people convinced by bad associates to commit crimes.  But they, too, are rare.  Good people will amend their ways to turn from crime and bad police will be rooted out and discharged.  The point is that while there are some police who commit crimes, ALL criminals commit crimes.  When leftists condemn all police as racists they are exercising their own bigotry.  This is how they justify murdering good police officers.

When it comes to prejudice and bigotry, people will come up with a reason to dislike you for any reason because you’re different.  Black or white, Anglo or Hispanic, Western or Oriental, short or tall, thin or fat, blonde or brunette, if you have a big or small nose, are dumb or smart, or if you are right or left-handed.  They’ll even resent you if you are athletic or uncoordinated, fearless or afraid, talented or unskilled, or if you know something they don’t or even if you don’t know what they do, or because you talk funny.  They’ll even dislike you just because you are passing them on the road and they’ll speed up and try to block you.  Some go into road rage.  What makes it worse is that some will resent you because you are the same, because they want to be unique.  This is the nature of the self-righteous hypocrisy of the immature ego.

Then there is the difference between prejudice and bigotry.  Prejudice is common to all.  Everyone develops preconceived notions about other people based on characteristics they have in common.  That’s how stereo-types are created.  Do you think you are not prejudiced?  Everybody is!  If you automatically don’t trust black people because they have the largest proportion of criminals in American culture, that is prejudice.  If you get to know them and find out they are good people, but you still believe the worst of them, that is bigotry.  Prejudice, like ignorance, can be overcome.  Bigotry, like stupidity, cannot.  Do you think white people are privileged?  That’s racism.  Liberals say it is not, that racism can only be white on black, but that’s another bigoted liberal misconception.  Racism is resenting others who have a different skin color than you, not white people having power over brown people.

The worst problems come with liberal denials of the truth.  They denounce white people as racists because black criminals are locked up.  They denounce white people as being privileged because so many black criminals come from poor families.  They disregard the fact that poor white people don’t commit one tenth the amount of crimes as poor blacks.  That’s because Democrats encourage blacks to become criminals, to steal, to assault the innocent, and justify their crimes.  The problem with the black community is that they are taught to glorify gangsters and to scorn family values.  Liberalism has taught blacks in America to hate others, to become indigent, to commit crimes, and to blame others when they are punished for their crimes.  Democrat prison reform is a revolving door of letting them out to bring them right back in.  Only conservative Christian ideology offers them a way out of this loser status.

True prison reform is not what Democrats offer, but what conservatism does


Then there is so-called religious persecution.  Islam is praised by the left as the most tolerant, peaceful religion.  Yet they are the most oppressive persecutors who force their beliefs on others.  Islam has never spread peacefully as Christianity has, but has only done so by conquest and oppression.  Liberals will point at Christianity that has been imposed on others, but those others were violent people like the Vikings and the Native Americans whose cultures were extremely violent.  The peoples that Islam has conquered were peaceful until put under the yoke of Muhammad.

Islam requires the masses to all behave the same way, to pray together five times a day repeating the same mantra, and to obey the commands of their Imams without question.  Those who do not conform are punished.  Those who do not submit are made third class citizens forced to pay extra taxes to keep them in poverty.  Those who refuse are killed.  Do you think Islam is tolerant of women and homosexuals?  See what happens to women who do not obey Sharia law to cover their bodies and faces because Muhammad gave men permission to indulge their lusts.  See what ISIS has been doing enforcing Islamic law as Muhammad commanded, throwing gays off of rooftops, crucifying Christians, burning churches, and slaughtering any who stood against them.  Find out what is happening in Europe where Moslem men are gang raping women because they do not conform to Islamic culture and go about freely without a male guardian.

I don’t resent Islam because they pray to a different god or even the same god.  I resent them because they impose their beliefs through violence and then lie about it.  Islam is the anti-Christian teachings of a deeply flawed man who attempted to impose himself over his tribal leaders as their spiritual lord.  When they refused he waged war on them and won with the help of the worst criminals of the desert.  That he succeeded and then sent armies of fanatics to spread Islam by fire and sword says enough.  But add to that that he corrupted his own culture by taking his son’s wife as his own and then also bedding a nine-year-old girl long before her being of child bearing age.

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

The armies of Islam crushed Roman armies in North Africa, conquered Spain, and invaded France.  They crushed Persian armies in the Middle East and weren’t stopped till they hit India.  Foolish liberal socialist atheists today believe they make good allies against the Christians they hate.  But like Communist Russia in WWII allying with Nazi Germany they are going to find that making comrades of Islamo-Nazis will result in their own destruction.

Overcoming the hate of the left

There are people who think they are intelligent because they are smart.  Having a high IQ does not automatically impart intelligence.  Intelligence guided by experience develops wisdom.  But when you learn alternative facts and believe that your facts are true regardless of the evidence, that is not exercising wisdom or intelligence.  The left does not lead, it incites.  All the violence today is being incited by leftist propagandists.  The rioters, the mass shooters, the police assassins, the criminals, and the spies are all operating on behalf of the left.

The problem with liberals is that they can’t admit when they are wrong.  They have to make others wrong to appease their own egos, so they keep digging that hole making more excuses that are more irrational.  That’s immaturity.  Liberalism is the ideology of not learning to be a responsible adult.  The cure for their insanity is to learn conservatism.  Conservatives are merely liberals who learned morality and personal responsibility.  The military can teach personal responsibility, which is why some say to reinstate the draft and exhort everyone to serve at least one year in the military.  It works well in Israel that is beset by the world’s most vicious and intractable enemies.

The military does not indoctrinate the ignorant as the left does but teaches responsibility.  They are not perfect, but they are far superior to schools from which liberals have ejected God, family, and responsibility for getting good grades.  Learning righteousness begins with learning morality, history, and responsibility, not with blaming others for your own failings, or believing your feelings are more important than facts.

People may be prejudiced against you and that will always be the case no matter who you are, but it is up to you to overcome their prejudice by showing them the good person you are.  Bigots cannot be overcome and are best avoided.  More importantly, they should never be given power.  The problems America is experiencing today are entirely due to bigots duping people into giving them power that they use to corrupt the culture.

Black leaders like Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and John Lewis, who all say they are for racial equality while they are promoting racism are not doing black culture any good.  Black liberal media pundits like Van Jones, Marc Lamont Hill, and Don Lemon warp minds with their racist twists against both white people and against black conservatives who expose their distorted world view.  It is up to each individual to recognize the difference between the truth and lying propaganda.  If only America’s schools taught journalism to the young they might recognize the real bias in the media, but they don’t even teach American history anymore.  Conservatives need to take the leftists indoctrinators out of America’s schools and teach the next generation the truth in order to undo the corruption that has been taught to Millennials.  Global elitists are willing to destroy western culture to create their Utopia, but for the rest of us it will be our living Hell.

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Black conservatives free from Democrat Plantation

Moslems attack Americans in public park declaring no-go zone for infidels

Invaders claiming immigrant status desecrate WWII Memorial

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Democrat police chief threatens NRA president

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