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(1) Get checked in to vote.  The problem of phony posers getting credentialed is a whole separate problem. I am pretending, for the time being, that anyone who is permitted to vote is legitimate.  Let’s save that phony or repeat voter headache for some other time, except that with what is below you get to see how many voters the system is claiming.  If you stake out the polling place with a camera and know the true number of voters is different from what is claimed, that indicates votes are being tossed or phony votes are being stuffed in.

(2) Assuming the person who gets past credentialling/check-in is legitimate—  go to machine A which has a computer screen.  Early in the day the numbers are 1-100, and when they get used up or as they get used up, the computer adds 101, 102, 103, etc.  At first, a few of the numbers (e.g. about every other number) are not shown for the first 10-20 votes, so you can’t be the second voter and spy out the first voter as having used voter number 016 or whatever.  So, you pick any number you want off the screen.  Highlight it, hit send.  It disappears from the screen and is printed onto your ballot.  Your ballot is also printed with date, state number code, county number code, precinct number code, and then your own chosen ID number.   Only you know which number you picked and it can’t be re-used, so you have a unique ID that only you know.  Toward closing time, the numbers available are pared back so that only 5 or 10 at a time are on the screen.  This aids in ascertaining the true number of total voters, re paragraph 1 to prevent tossing votes or stuffing in phony votes.  If you want zero identification, you and/or anybody else can be voter 000, but then you can’t trace your vote if other people use the ever-present 000 option.

(3)  Vote your paper ballot that machine A prints out and put it into machine B, which is like a current voting machine that tallies votes.  The only difference is it makes a xerox, onto counterfeit-secure paper, and you get a copy.  The only copy, and a unique copy. The foregoing is eminently practical, like many ATM’s giving you a xerox copy of your checks as you deposit them.   You can write something on your xerox in the “voter ID” space so that somebody else can’t claim its theirs later on.  You can put your name, nickname, a sample of your handwriting, Social Security number, driver’s license number, fingerprint with ink and covered by tape, or whatever you want or leave it blank.  You can also tear off a corner and keep the torn piece separate, to show with a microscopic exam that your separate piece of paper kept in a secret place uniquely matches the tear line of the unique ballot, in case you want secure anonymity for the time being, but being able to prove later on that you connect to the ballot.  For example, if you physically turn a ballot in later, you can demand a receipt AND hold onto the torn corner to show which ballot physically is yours via the torn corner from the unique xerox you got.

(4)  To keep false accusations from entering the system, viz. people claiming their vote was stolen when it wasn’t, when you insert your ballot the machine stamps it with X= minutes after the hour,  Y= seconds after the minute from tenths to thousandths of a second, and Z = the next three digits out to a millionth of a second.  Earlier in the day, pollworker #1 has specified a secret numerical co-factor that only they know to go with X, ditto for poll workers #2 and #3 specifying co-factors for Y and Z.  You don’t know what the co-factors are, and they don’t know (and you don’t know) the millionths or thousandths of a second status at the precise time when you cast your vote.  So, in other words, the machine contains a secret formula in the form of  minutes times its co-factor plus or minus thousandths of a second times its co-factor plus or minus millionths of a second plus or minus its cofactor.   The secret co-factors can also introduce dividing by pi, exponents, square roots, etc.   So, in this computer age it is easy to get to millionths of a second (GPS electronics operate at trillionths of a second), then the computer inside does a little bonehead algebra to calculate a totally unpredictable output number that prints out onto your ballot that would be twenty or thirty digits long.  BUT, to keep fakers from fiddling the system, all that actually prints on your ballot is the data for X minute, Y thousandths, and Z millionths, along with say digits 17 to 26 from the calculation done by the secret formula cofactor process.  There is no way a citizen could fake those 10 digits except by a lucky one in ten billion (minus one) guess, so the precaution of this paragraph keeps whiny psycho citizens from voicing false complaints.  Poll workers 1, 2, and 3 keep their secret co-factors in sealed envelopes, and they are never opened unless there is a claim that requires them to be opened. False claims count like perjury, and since nobody knows all three digits nobody can fiddle this security precaution (as long as all three people keep secrets they are sworn to keep, like jurors not being allowed to discuss things outside their duty).

(5)  With your unique counterfeit-proof ballot, or the numbers you transcribe from it, you can go anonymously to any open or secret computer and fetch up, at which point you google your precinct and scroll down to the part of the data where your vote is.  Only you know that you are looking at the ballot record for (date)(state)(county)(precinct)(123) or whatever your vote was.  It better be there, and you have proof the vote was cast.  So you can blow the whistle if the vote is missing.  If it is OK, it’s OK, and nobody knows which part of the record to fake since they don’t know which number you are scrolling past is the one you cast and are examining.  If the results are faked, you can blow the whistle on that too.

(6)  You can also manually add every vote for your precinct and see if the truth matches the auditors claimed results from the county or state office.  You can output all the data for every precinct in the county or state, and have a private computer independently tally the results.  Like google can scan billions of records and spit out thousands of search results in a second or two, a good computer (anybody’s at home) can rapidly give a true tally of thousands or millions of votes in milliseconds since that’s how fast modern computers are.

(7) A nearly exact analogue of the foregoing is already being done billions of times a day re people’s credit card records.  If  you go to Wal-Mart and spend a few pennies on your credit card, you can find that purchase on your account’s internet report shortly after.  You can use a dozen credit cards and make a thousand purchases a day, and the records are fetchable off the internet, no problem.  There is no practical problem in doing the same thing with votes, which are supposedly more valuable than a cheapie item from Wal-Mart that the credit card companies have no trouble tracking.  Plus, each transaction handles the credit card number, merchant data of a dozen sorts or more (store number, manager’s name, location, time, date, UPC, product description, sales tax if any, which cash register, clerk’s name, amount total, amount tendered, amount of change–  just look at any Wal-Mart of Hy-Vee receipt).  Each credit card transaction is also given an 8-10 transaction authorization number so the merchant can prove the use of the credit card was authorized by the credit card issuer.  Keeping track of massive amounts of data is an everyday operation for credit cards, and the same is practical for voting once every 2 or 4 years.  No pretext excuses to avoid doing so are credible.

(8) “Authority” figures say the foregoing can’t be done, because if unique identifying marks are placed on ballots then winos etc. will get booze and dope bribes to vote this or that way, and little old ladies will be strong-armed by bosses and their goons.  That is a phony argument, and a bogus reason to have laws to the effect of no unique marks on ballots, because over 30% of voting is routinely done absentee– which allows for bribing and blackmailing of votes with each absentee vote cast.  It is the people who want to keep stealing votes who want to have no traceability. Frauds and dictators do not want you to follow your own vote to see how it really tallies [or doesn’t] behind closed doors at county and state offices, even though you can follow any nickel-and-dime purchase with modern technology.  They shouldn’t say “trust me,” but instead should say “let me show you how you can trust me.”  When people refuse to be inspected, start investigating.

(9)  At the 2016 Johnson County Republican convention, Paul Pate was there likely because I had been making noise about honest voting, and crooks want to quash this practical solution so local party bosses got Pate to come anticipating a need for him to run interference and generate cover-up excuses.  In front of the crowd, I proposed a shorter version of the above than is written above, about a two-minute verbal presentation.   His response was that his team of experts has all the voting machines tuned to perfection, there can’t possibly be anything wrong with them, and if anybody spots questionable activity at polling places all you have to do is phone his staff of experts and somebody will come out to solve whatever problem may arise.  In other words, they are experts and since they are perfect or some such, no inspection by individual citizens would be needed.  In fact, I have called the “experts” to come out to deal with crooked activity on election day (Soros’s MoveOn gang that was electioneering inside a 2004 polling place and five feet outside the door, which 100% violates the Iowa law about no electioneering withing 300 feet of a polling place).   It took about six hours for “help” to arrive.  “Help” was a total idiot who had no clue what to do about anything, had no apparent authority to do anything, and didn’t even seem to know that it was illegal for the Soros gang to be inside the polling place with Kerry buttons on, or three more manning a table five feet outside the door with Democrat Party partisan materials re which candidates to vote for.  In the real world, there actually exists no solution that can be sent out no matter how blatant and obvious the problem is, as I personally witnessed.   Pate’s story was so blatantly bogus I buttonholed him individually face-to-face afterward, and he repeated the same evasion about how his organization and execution of vote accounting is so perfect and done by such a great team of experts that nothing could possibly go wrong or be faked or stolen, and if anybody thinks otherwise he has a wonderful team of inspectors to check up on things.  He wants his literal hirelings to examine the votes rather than the ordinary citizens casting them.  He and his kindred fellows just want the gullible to be kept gullible and ignorant and helpless.

(10)  Numerous newspapers have zero interest in reporting on the foregoing [and on ballot box stuffing I have seen, along with vote stealing and hijacking to change precinct results on their way to Des Moines from the caucuses], since they apparently benefit from being part of the rigged system.  For instance, the editor of the Des Moines Register called in all his reporters on another occasion and told them to slant all stories on Johnny Gosch against the Gosch family, and particularly try to make Noreen Gosch look like some sort of mental case.  Anything to kill off information about a pervert child molester and gang rape operation run by Orval Cooney among others.  There are lots of fixes in in lots of places, and the bosses and their flunkies earn money by keeping everything as it is, with lots of anesthetic smoke and mirrors and denials.

(11)  If you know some outlet for the foregoing information, by all means publicize this solution to the problem all you want.  You are familiar with your outlets so you can do this better than I can.   If you have any remaining questions or if any of the foregoing needs more explanation, get back to me anytime.  We don’t need to turn this into an 8-volume treatise being obsessed by every little detail—- what is important is to let honest people know the basic idea is:  to get into their hands anonymously known unique ballots that can be individually traced by the voter uniquely, and that if every credit card transaction can be tracked there is no excuse to not track every vote.  If a person wants to not have any ID on their ballot, they can also choose the number 000 or something, but if a citizen wants to track his vote there is no reason to deprive him of that right. Except from crooks who are cooking the books and don’t want people to know how badly they are being cheated.  Ignorance is bliss, and knowledge can fix corruption.

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