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Taking Democrats at their word, especially after they have been proven deceitful liars, is for the corrupt and the foolish.

Leftists have a long and inglorious history of telling lies, and their minions have a longer ignominious history of believing them.  They say we must take Obama at his word that he is a Christian despite his upbringing as a Moslem and his constant condemnations of Christianity while empowering Islamists.  They say we must take Hillary at her word about her emails despite the proof that even her staff freaked out that her crimes could be discovered.

  • “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton
  • “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” – Barack Obama
  • “The attack was the result of a hateful video.” – Hillary Clinton

These barely scratch the surface of leftist lies and deceptions; the economy, global warming, illegals, criminals, Islam, America.  In all cases Republicans are made scapegoats and the leftwing mainstream media smears the Right while covering up for the Left.  In sixty years I have learned to believe only half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say.  And when the media speaks, don’t take anything they report at face value and automatically believe what they say, but investigate the source.  Too often I have found that what they report and what the source actually said or did are not the same.

Liberalism is not understanding that your rights end where the rights of others begins.  Freedom is not absolute lest evil rule without consequence.

I have been in numerous arguments with liberals over anything from climate change to God and not once has any been able to refute my argument or prove me wrong.  It took me sixty years to acquire the knowledge by which I can execute mental jujitsu on leftist opponents to a degree that they always fail in their arguments.  The difference between a rightwing conservative and a leftist liberal is that a conservative will admit when he is wrong based on the facts.  But a liberal who is proven wrong will not only deny the facts, but always regresses to their immature nature and resorts to calling you names.  This is not just a matter of pride refusing to admit they are wrong.

When it comes to electing Democrats over Republicans they have been duped and conditioned by Democrat propaganda.  This indoctrination takes place throughout the media from news to entertainment.  It is done through bits and pieces, subliminal messaging to influence the listener on a subconscious level.  I first noticed this in one of the Star Trek movies, “The Undiscovered Country,” when Spock was speaking to the Federation Council and referred to the worst warmongers of the Klingons as the “conservative elements.”  In any program you watch if you pay attention and don’t miss the queues, leftists put language into your entertainment to make you think that Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are hateful and evil and that defeating or destroying them is good.

Democrats, even though they might agree with every conservative policy of Republicans such as working for a living, being responsible, protecting the nation, stopping criminals, and being patriotic, will still elect Democrats who only say they are for those things.  They then complain about every ill that Democrat policies inflict on them, but blame Republicans who often have no power to even begin to stop them as happened at the beginning of Obama’s first term when they elected a Supermajority of Democrats to control Congress.  They are not just being as obstinate and stubborn as the jack ass that is their party’s logo – they are acting in the very definition of insanity!

Arguing with a liberal – making Dracula look in the mirror

When you argue with liberals they never attack based on the facts, but always on the basis of lies.  They appeal to feelings rather than reason and make their arguments on the basis of compassion rather than logic.  They make false accusations based on false premises, and when you refute those lies they double down their attack saying that your defense is proof of guilt!  If you don’t deny it and dismiss it as a lie then that, too, is proof of your guilt so you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  This is the kind of insanity that poses as moral logic by the Left, which isn’t logic, it’s deception.  It is designed strictly to shut you up and make your arguments cease at which point they declare victory.  This is the insidiousness of the Left’s dishonesty and trickery.  (It is a fact that words of wisdom have all been coined to describe the pitfalls of liberalism.)

In contrast, when they are on the receiving end they always endeavor to change the subject and turn their guilt into an accusation of the accuser.  When charged they will ignore the accusation without so much as a denial.  They do this for two reasons; one, to avoid drawing attention to it so they can declare it to be false, and two, so that they are not on record making that denial so that if and when they are exposed they are not only branded guilty, but a liar as well and doubly damned.  An honest person, rather than allowing themselves to become mired in mounting a defense against a false accusations must declare it to be a lie, but then move on to sustain their message.  This leaves the leftist in the lurch unable to prove their lie or distract the righteous from exposing them as false.

Their methods are designed to distract, confuse, divide and conquer.  They always engage in deception and censorship, preferring to shoot the messenger rather than allow the message to be heard, debated, and understood.  It is easier to assassinate the character of anyone for any reason as unrighteous, as all are sinners and have committed some sin, than to invalidate a valid argument.  (I have had even had liberals who declare my argument is invalid because I misspelled a word, such as spelling Moslem differently than they do (there are actually a dozen different spellings for words referring to Islam: Moslem, Muslim, Mussulman, Mohammadan, Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohamet, Koran, Quran, etc.))  They will do anything to distract from the truth of the message and corrupt those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  With the Left it’s all about censoring righteous speech to promote their machinations.

A list of the top 7 scams of leftists in America today:


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