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In a shocking revelation, it has been learned that Steven K. Bannon has decided to use makeup.

While the public breakup between Trump and Bannon has made the rounds this week, it is apparent that something else is afoot at Breitbart News.

Bannon may be planning his presidential run because, like Kim Jong-Un and his new suit and haircut (kid and play flat top)…
Steve is starting to take style tips from an image consultant. Tim Gunn was seen at the Bannon HQ and it was reported by an unnamed inside source that ground zero for his personal reboot is his face.

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Bannon known for his bomber jacket and brazen unkempt style, has decried the use of makeup on men. He once said, “blush on a man is like lipstick on a pig.” He has steadfastly rejected the advances of cosmetic artists in and around television cameras who would probably, if possible, make him look worse.
Steve’s ruddy good looks have been compared to Harrison Ford and Robert Redford. However the lesions on his face may be due to skin cancer or chemical weapons. This adds an element of realism and everyman appeal to the Goldman Sachs manager and Seinfeld investor.
Steve Bannon premakeup
Advance images of Bannon’s potential new look are below, see if you can tell the difference:
Steve Bannon w makeup

Note: This is meant to add some satire and humor to the fervor around Steve Bannon. I’ve often wondered why a man who dodges cameras shows up looking like he doesn’t care what he looks like. He supposedly understands the power of images, in TV and online, so he’s going for his look. This demonstrates a bit of a blind spot if you ask me.

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