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By Faye Highbee,

Joe Biden made a joke the other day about selling “state secrets.” While he (probably) meant it as a joke, not everyone was laughing, especially with his recent a) behavior, b) revelations by a whistleblower, and c) his past. (Just The News)


The Twitter Fact-check reminded people that Biden used the statement as a joke. But the thing about Joe Biden is that people tend to laugh off his weirdness when in fact, there may be something to it. You can call them gaffes if you like, but sometimes he says things to which the nation might want to pay attention. What state secrets could he have exposed?

Remember when he was vice president, and he pointed out the military aide who was holding the “nuclear football?” His own rules about where the case was during motorcades also placed National Security at risk. But that’s nothing compared to this China influence-peddling gig. His habit of “gaffes” has routinely placed us all in jeopardy.

Even during the 2020 campaign, Joe claimed he had an organization that would commit voter fraud so that he would win. They’re all gaffes, you know. Or are they? Some are, but some may have a seed of nefarious truth to them.

Remember when Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that Biden hasn’t stopped being wrong on foreign policy for 40 years? As a Senator, he had a hand in voting for the disastrous withdrawal from Vietnam in 1973, and as President, the major debacle in Afghanistan in 2021. Then there was the infamous Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating Burisma (where Hunter was being paid thousands with no experience), and Biden got him fired. What could he have revealed in those situations? Let’s see. While he was a Senator and as VP, he held classified docs in his garage and numerous other places. Who got to see them? Did Hunter have a look? What about Chinese businessmen who visited his son? No one has reported on the contents of Biden’s classified docs, so we don’t know what “state secrets” could have been involved.

Joe Biden’s Dementia Particularly Evident On Monday

Biden is most certainly mentally challenged as the current occupant of the White House. But it’s that very issue that is giving us pause. He brags about things he’s done that are detrimental to Americans (for example, the recent Supreme Court ruling that blocked his student debt forgiveness plans). But it’s the Chinese connection that is worrisome, so we have to ask: did Joe Biden sell state secrets?

He babbles about situations in which he has no clue (for example, saying that “Putin has clearly lost the war in Iraq”). His family business dealings have been suspect for some time. Fortunately, House Republicans have an investigation to try to find the truth. It is unlikely to do so without the Senate and a veto-proof majority.

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