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So Trump is it.  Now what?

I guess we have to find a way to bring the party back together.  Let me say first, for the record, I voted for Ted Cruz because he is more of a Constitutionalist than the others.  I am more libertarian than anything and I like a candidate that understands the original intent of the Constitution.  With that said, I will be voting for Donald Trump in November.  Why?  Because we have to stop Hillary Clinton.

The time to make a stand against the GOP is past.  We had the election in 2008.  And 2012.  And the primary season this year.  We got nowhere.  If Trump loses, the GOP wins.  They will be able to say “you should have listened to us.  Now the Democrats have the White House.”

Is Donald Trump the ideal anti-establishment candidate?  No, probably not.  But he is anti-establishment.  Do not forget that.  The GOP does not want him.  As of this writing the GOP could still sneak someone else in to the nomination.  Would you vote for Paul Ryan because he is not Trump even though he is an establishment guy?

If we are going to have a narcissistic bully President for the next four years, then I would prefer Trump over Hillary.

No it is not ideal.  All we can do at this point is stop Hillary and start putting together another war against the GOP in 2020.  But don’t dwell on our loses.

We have still won more battles than we lost.  Remember that.  We are winning.  If we let Hillary win, we lose.


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