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In early May 2019, the 800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral was set on fire in an obvious arson.  Its oak was 800-year-old hardened wood, extremely hard to set on fire.  Its electrical systems had been redone in the ’90s to fit the most modern standards; supervised by the Chief Architect and Inspector of Historical Monuments.  He also supervised the installation of multiple state-of-the-art fire alarm systems.  He ensured it always had 2 firemen on 24-hour duty.  The firemen were actually in the basement of the cathedral at the time the fire started.  But, as he himself reported, he was stunned at the speed at which the fire spread on the 800-year-old hardwood; that fires started in two different places at the same time; and that the alarms did not go off.

At the time, over 845 churches in France had been vandalized by Muslims.  In clear acts of religious hostility towards Catholics, the Sacred Eucharist was tossed on the floor and stomped; and feces were spread all over the walls of some of these churches.  And the beautiful Saint-Denis Cathedral, which houses the remains of ancient French Royalty, had also been set on fire by Muslims.   Since then, in France, at least 2 churches are vandalized or set on fire each and every day. Macron has tried to downplay these atrocities and pretend Notre Dame caught fire because of an electrical malfunction.  But these were not mere acts of truancy, as Macron’s media tries to suggest.  But deliberate attempts by Muslims to destroy Christian churches.

Over a Billion dollars have been donated for rebuilding by French businessmen and by ordinary people in France and throughout the world. Nobody ever thought of the possibility that the Notre Dame would be desecrated and converted into something else.  But Catholic churches in “secular” France belong to the state.  The French Senate, fearing attempts to desecrate Notre Dame, passed a resolution stating it wants to the Notre Dame to be rebuilt exactly as it used to be.

But Macron and his Prime Minister want to reward Islamists for their atrocity.  Instead of finding out who set the fire; they have labeled the fire an “electrical malfunction.”   They are actually having a “competition” to find a new “modern” Design.  The proposed designs include an Islamic Spire on top of the ancient and beautiful Catholic Cathedral!

This will reward those who set fire to the Cathedral; and incidentally, enable Macron and his buddies to steal the billions donated and create some monstrosity in place of the beautiful Cathedral.  Worst of all, they know full well that Islamists always tear down other religions’ Christian churches, Hindu temples, and religious artifacts; and build their Mosques on top of them to prove they have conquered those other religions.  Examples are the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, the Hagia Sofia in Turkey, the Cordoba Cathedral in Spain, the Sufi library and Saints’ tombs in Mali, the Temple Mount/Al Aqsa Mosque in Israel.  Obviously. converting Notre Dame Cathedral into a mosque will symbolize the conquest of Christianity by Islam.

In America, we are only one tiny step behind the rest of the world.   Already, our 9/11 memorial in PA was to be built in the shape of the Muslim crescent and star.  Originally, it was called a “Crescent of Embrace”  Originally the bell tower, called the “Tower of Voices,” was to have 44 memorial bells, including the voices of the 4 hijackers!  The trees would create a perfect crescent.  The main bell tower would be inside the crescent exactly where the Muslim star would be.    And the opening of the crescent would point exactly to Mecca, which Muslims face in order to pray. According to the architect, the fact that the Crescent is a symbol of Islam, present in all Islamic flags, was a pure coincidence!  But after a public uproar, the crescent was made into a circle, and the Tower now commemorates only the innocent victims.   But there doesn’t seem to be anything in this memorial celebrating the courageous call: “Let’s roll!” and the men who spearheaded the fight against the Islamic Terrorists who had hijacked Flight 93.  Also, there were protracted fights over displaying the girders of the destroyed World Trade Center which had formed a cross. Liberals wanted the cross removed entirely. Finally, it was put in the basement.

But the fight continues.   Progressive/Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Islamist/Communists are tearing down our Crosses one by one.  Watch for them to put up Islamic symbols in their place.

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