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The Democratic Nazi Communist Party is out of the closet and in full view of the public.  They chant, “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!”

If that doesn’t clue you in that the leftist Democrats are the Communist Party of Nazi fascists seeking the overthrow of the greatest nation of liberty ever to exist on the face of the Earth then you are lost in your liberal delusions.  The leftwing media constantly declares Trump to be unhinged and mentally unfit to serve as president when all leftists are the ones who are unhinged, deranged, and ignorant in their belief that their lies and smears are not visible to everyone.  Democrats in Congress got off on shouting “shame” at Republicans when the GOP upheld American law in which there is no shame.  But when they take up the mantle of Nazi fascism they want to be called patriots.  Name them for what they are!

Leftists always adopt the mantle of the righteous to mask their true nature.  Leftist totalitarian socialist dictatorships are the opposite of a republic and have nothing democratic in their nature, but they take the name of ‘republic’ in their titles and call themselves ‘democracies for the people.’  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People’s Republic of China, the German Democratic Republic, the Republic of Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  None of these nations have free elections as does the United States.  In none of these could a businessman be elected to the presidency to oust the corrupt dictators.  That can only happen in a truly free republic that answers to the people and that is what has the Left in a furor.  Democrats in America may have co-opted the title of liberalism to make themselves feel like they are like the Founders who were 18th century liberals that fought against 18th century conservatism, but those labels have been flipped which is why they require a supplementary adjective.  In 21st century America it is liberal fascists that want to return to elitist rulership fighting against Christian conservatives who are inheritors of the Founders.  Liberals want to destroy the Founders and all they represent; life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, truth, justice for all, and the American Way.  That is why they are so petty and vindictive, how they justify blaming their victims, scapegoating Republicans, and inflicting harm those they hate wishing them ill and working toward enslaving others as they pay lip service to being against slavery.  Every nasty word that comes out their mouths, like slandering Melania for the shoes she wore getting on to Airforce One on the way to Houston believing that she would wear high heels, saying that Texas deserves a natural disaster for voting for Trump, or assaulting peaceful protesters claiming they are racists, shines the light of truth on their true nature – Nazi fascist jackbooted thugs!

There are only two kinds of people who wear masks; superheroes who do so to protect their families because the law will not, and criminals to hide their identity from the law or their shame from their neighbors.  The Left glorifies criminals in politics, in movies, and in life.  They condemn the righteous as hateful just as they condemn Jesus as being judgmental and try to align Him with themselves as a radical.  They use the words of the Right, but their actions are always the opposite.  They slander the Right as being what they themselves actually are in order to confuse the ignorant and distract from the truth.  They believe they can guilt trip the ignorant into following their lead to destroy themselves such as allowing illegal aliens to vote for Democrats to prove they are not racists.  It is ignorance guided by corruption that lends itself to following the road to Hell paved with good intentions.  The Left glorifies hate and condemns righteousness by condemning the culture of Christianity in America.  They strive to erase all that is good and righteous in America in the name of combating racism while exercising their own brand of racism once again – only this time it is anti-white racism.  They demand the Star Spangled Banner be abolished, that all the Civil War monuments that Democrats erected to Confederate leaders be destroyed, and even that the movie, “Gone with the Wind” be extinguished.  They claim all of these “glorify slavery” when they do no such thing!  How about eliminating the leftist movies that glorify Italian criminals, like the “Godfather” and “Scarface,” or the ones that glorify black gangsters as somehow being righteous men, like “Pulp Fiction” and “Boyz in the Hood?”  Black millionaires like Spike Lee make being criminals in America an act of justifiable rage.  There is no righteousness on the Left, only hateful revenge against a people who have already atoned for their sins in blood.  Becoming a racist black criminal today is no more righteous than becoming a Moslem terrorist murdering the innocent who reject their evil deity.  The Left’s embracing of the anti-Christian ideologies of the world does not lend itself to righteousness.

The United States of America has come to be the beacon of the light of liberty, the shining city on a hill, the bastion of freedom in the world and the Left wants to tear it down.  Despite the corruption, America has still prospered because of the freedom and love of patriotic Americans.  Despite the undermining propaganda of the Left, people still grow up to learn morality, right from wrong, and the truth about liberal fascism.  They see it on TV, they read about it in the paper, and they hear it in the words and watch it in the actions of liars, deceivers, and the twisted morals of Democrats along with their RINO allies.

People may be ignorant, but they’re not all stupid.  I put up a poll in the post, “Trump Empowers America” (on iPatriot it was retitled, “Does Trump Empower Hate?”) and only 20% of respondents were 100% wrong.  There is hope that people will become educated and open their eyes to the immorality and their ears to the lies of the Left.  Never give up freedom.  Never believe the lies.  Never surrender to corruption.  One thing is certain, Donald Trump is striving to restore America’s greatness as founded, and he is being hindered by the Left and their allies in the Republican Party.  In his own cabinet he has people who have duped him into believing they will stand with him when they do not.  Mattis and McMaster do not recognize Islamic teachings as the heart and soul of the Jihad, and Cohn and Tillerson do not recognize Antifa as the heart and soul of the liberal fascists that comprise Obama’s Army.  Donald Trump needs people who can clearly see and will stand beside him in fighting the lies and tyranny of the Left.

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