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The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence purport to document violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court law by the Department of Justice and FBI includes several elements  Democrats deny are violations of the US Constitution. Congressmen Adam Schiff and sidekick Eric Swalwell are in a swivet; the eight cylinder model.

In the first case the misnamed “dossier,” not a “sheaf of documents” per the definition, but a 38 page narrative contrived by the former British spy Christopher Steele and political opposition research group Fusion GPS on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign was used by the DOJ and FBI to obtain a FISA warrant from the court to surviell citizen Carter Page.

Carter’s  espionage was suspected when was a volunteer for the Donald Trump for President campaign. Is it plausible said campaign would have an unpaid volunteer committing capital crimes in their behalf?  But, we cite published internal emails by FBI executives where we learn it is thought volunteering for the Donald J. Trump campaign to be treason, such is the terminal bias of our “G-Men.”

The memo reveals the FISA warrant application did not disclose to the court that the “dossier,” was paid for by a political opponent of the target’s assumed employer, a critical fact as we were in a national election and the campaign in question was for the Presidency!  You just don’t go any higher on this hog.

The FISA warrant application cited as corroborating evidence an article in Yahoo News written by Michael Isikoff, published Sept. 23, 2016 regarding  a trip to Moscow made by Carter Page in July 2016.  However, that article could not be considered “corroboration” as Steele was the source of the information on which the piece was based! Such “circular sourcing” is a hanging crime in journalism.

The memo revealed Steele had been “suspended and terminated” as a source when the FBI caught him lying and using undisclosed media contacts as the FBI had hired him to prepare the fictional “dossier” narrative. Nonetheless, the FBI continued to use Steele’s “dossier” as the basis for their FISA case!  This is not “sloppy” it is felonious when presented to a judge as evidence!

The memo revealed contacts between Steele and Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr whose wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS editing the “dossier” as Steele was sloppy for the $68,000 he was getting and for which the Clintons and DNC paid Fusion GPS $14 million!  The conflicts of interest were not disclosed on the FISA warrant application, which is a cover-up and another couple of felonies.  These guys do not fool around.

Steele admitted he held a strong bias against Trump and was purposefully working to prevent him from being elected.  Steele’s contacts with Ohr and Mrs Ohr’s employment with Fusion GPS should have been disclosed in the FISA warrant application and they were not.

This operation certainly did not pop up like “mushrooms in the morning” and is evidence of a much deeper conspiracy that must be investigated and given the high levels in all involved in this caper the full story certainly runs long, deep and dangerous to many people.

Shocking as this may be it is far more an example of the way these bureaus function as we have thousands of our best-trained people mixing it up with the scum of the Earth.  Some of said scum rubs off and especially when large sums of money are involved.

It is outrageous to pay anyone $68,000 for a 38 page paper, much less $14 million, but this only tells us far more is at that end of the rainbow.  The amounts are in the billions and they always will be as Washington, DC is a world on the other side of the mirror of  reality.

Where most of America has the ethic that you are worth what you make, in our nation’s capitol you are only worth what you can take.  Taxes are taken and once in their hands the question becomes, “What do we do with it?”  We have far too many people in high places who have the wrong answers to that question, but it will be the never-ending story and battle of our nation as it has been from the beginning of time and will be to the end.

Adam Schiff and his boyfriend Eric Swalwell are feigning shock at the Republican moves to expose this scheme, claiming it compromises national security is the cherry on the Schiff-Swalwell sundae.  They have shot their wads at a very big train of corruption prematurely only to be run over by the Trump Express.  The Schiff hit the fan.

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