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In the past few weeks the story of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign has taken a turn that the progressive socialist wing of the Democrat party did not expect. While proving in its length and far reaching investigation, the Special Council has all but proven that the collusion charges started by Hillary Clinton and her sycophants in the mainstream media is nothing more than the wishful thinking based on a baseless lie.

As the media breathlessly proclaim that they are getting closer to the facts they need to impeach Trump for working with the Russians more and more facts are coming out the it was Hillary, and various members of her crime syndicate that were actually working with Russian entities to do all they could to assure that Princess Pantsuit would continue to destroy our country and culture. Infested with a entitlement mentality the members of the Deep State Swamp can’t understand how the citizens they were put in place to control did not follow the agenda that they had set out for themselves.

It is apparent to anyone with any decency that the Mueller Investigation is nothing more than discredited by being nothing more than a process in search of a crime. Being launched by collusion between the progressive socialists and the mainstream media on a now discredited dossier written with money paid by Hillary and the DNC, and splashed all over the front pages of the mainstream media and promulgated by the lying talking heads ant CNN, MSNBC and the pages of the New York Times all that has been found are process crimes against General Flynn, and the FBI mole in the Trump campaign Papadopolus. And with Flynn, whose rights were violated by Peter Strzok in the investigation, even the FBI said there was no crime. It was the rabid anti-Trumper  Strzok who manipulated the information voluntarily given by Flynn that led to charges which will in the future be dismissed.

It all started with the so called “Steele dossier”. It should be properly called the “Hillary dossier” because it has now been proven that it was Hillary and the DNC who provided the funds to set all this in motion. Of course, the lying of the Progressive socialist have been all over the airways claiming that Fusion GPS was first hired by the editor of the Washington Free Beacon, and that is, in part true. But here the Hillary crime syndicate is guilty of the crime of omission. Fusion GPS was hired by the Washington Free Beacon to collect opposition research on ALL the Republican candidates. When it became apparent that Trump would be the nominee, the WFB dropped Fusion GPS. This was a full four months before Hillary picked up the gauntlet and had Fusion GPS hire Christopher Steele who has contracted a virulent strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

CNN, ever the Hillary bootlicking network confidently reported that Clinton campaign officials and the DNC would never work with foreign governments to find dirt on the opposition and especially Donald Trump. Now that it has been proven that they not only did pay for information for disinformation provided by those inside the Kremlin but also disseminated that information to those in the media who gleefully pushed the lies to the public. CNN in particular has been totally discredited, and the “Fake News” that Donald Trump has discerned in the news reporting for that station has shown that even now, they and their lying sources within the Democrat Party, both storytellers  and first line propagandists, continue to blather on to their low information watchers the story that has been shown to be a total farce.

What is not being mentioned and is only starting to come out are the facts behind the Uranium One debacle. It was the highest level of government officials who with colluded Russia in the selling of 20% of U.S. Uranium. The trust placed in them was taken advantage of in this sale and eroded national security for the bold money willingly given to the Clinton Foundation and the pockets of Bill and Hillary. This transfer of this money to those who willingly overlook nation security for self aggrandizement coupled with the Obama administration transferring to Iran $170 billion for use in the terror organizations they control has destroyed national security and the safety that the American people should be afforded.

It was the FBI upper management that redacted and classified the information needed to get to the bottom of the abuses of the intelligence services used for political purposes. It was the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ and other intelligence departments that were used in targeting the Trump administration for the purpose of delegitimizing the Trump presidency based on deceit and lies. The redactions and classifications as classified of certain documents was not done for reasons of national security but to keep the information out of the hands of the American people and to avoid the embarrassment and criminality of those in the upper management  of the intelligence departments and the Obama administration itself.

When the information was requested by the House Intelligence Committee, the intelligence community stonewalled to the point that they had to be threatened with a contempt citation to release the needed documents, Bolstered by such people as Adam Schiff and others of the democrat side of the committee who claimed the American people didn’t need the information because we were too stupid to understand it, when the information was finally made available it was heavily redacted. Further work by Senators Graham and Grassley had most of the redactions removed and proved what was in the House Intelligence Committee findings. It also proved that the redactions had nothing to do with national security but were put in place in an attempt to hide the embarrassing and possible criminal information from the American people.

This has been corroborated by the House Intelligence Committee and by the excellent work being done by Circa and John Solomon of “The Hill”, along with information provided by the committees both in the House and Senate.

Together with the criminal referral issued by the Senate Judiciary Committee makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the progressive socialist Democrats to slander any further those who are willing to fight for the truth. It is informative that the collusion story that had been pushed for the past year has all but disappeared, even though the media (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, The Washington Times, the New York Times, and of course the Fake News leader CNN, like ostriches with their heads in the sand, ignore the focus of the facts that find them complicit in the fabrications of this past year.

It has also been found that the Clinton campaign was funneling information from the State Department to Christopher Steele for the sole purpose to attempt to bring down the Trump presidency.

This level of malfeasance on the part of a political party to bring down another party is criminality not seen before in our nations history and those involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is what the American people want and what they deserve. If the American people can not have the confidence that the law enforcement arms of the government will fulfill the rule of law then what will our government be based on and how can they expect the American people to respect the laws that they themselves have broken?

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