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We get new reports of NK’s Rocketman Kim’s nuclear arsenal and his intentions almost daily.  They’re definitely worth talking about and they do pose serious concerns to the United States and the World.  However, if it comes to it…Rocketman can be contained and eliminated.  Liberals, on the other hand, are an entirely different issue.

For many years, those of us that are Patriots, Conservatives, and other America-Loving citizens have watched the Liberals slowly but surely tear apart our Founding Documents and American way of life.

FLASH!! Most Recent Update:  I had to insert this at the top because of its’ importance to what I wrote prior to this point.  Not only are the Liberals doing all they can to trash our President, take away our rights and make us succumb to their horrific social ruination…they are now culpable as murderers!  How you ask?

Trending: The Media’s Role in Destroying America

The most current hurricane tragedy in Puerto Rico is being “politicized” by the Leftist freaks and their agenda to use ANY situation or event to “take down the president”.  But the latest crap can be assumed to include the loss of life (I’ll call it murder) of Puerto Ricans.

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Ms. Cruz is the Liberal Democrat Mayor of San Juan.  She got a visit from a Democrat Politician from the U.S. who encouraged her to “use” this media show to raise her chances of becoming Governor of Puerto Rico.  True to form…the next day she spoke on camera with all the Media and “slammed Trump” for his support and efforts to help Puerto Ricans by saying Trump specifically, was not helping enough and was in fact doing a terrible job compared to his Texas and Florida responses.  Really?

The fact is, there are thousands (at last count, 10,000) containers at the docks “waiting to be unloaded”.  A Spanish speaking Policewoman called a Spanish radio station in the U.S. the past few days and told them what was really going on.

The Mayor has delayed the opening and unloading of supplies due to “red tape” and inefficient planning.  But the Mayor is blaming Trump for not doing enough to help.  Surprised?  I’m not.  I’m first and foremost outraged that fellow citizens in Puerto Rico are being punished and in some cases dying because of the “hold” on these critical supplies by the Mayor for political reasons.

This Liberal Mayor has blood on her hands all because of her hatred towards Trump and her ambition to become Governor!  What an absolute disgrace!!  It scares me to death to know that a fanatical liberal would stoop to this level of depravity and punish her own citizens simply to trash a Republican.

Back to Rocketman.  He is obviously a real threat to not only the U.S. but many other countries.  Let’s face it…the kid is young and was spoon-fed by Daddy and inherited the dictatorship.  Nobody at his age should ever oversee/run a country, with as little experience as he has.  He is demonstrating the true moronic behavior of an adolescent.  But in this case, it’s frightening because he has weapons of mass destruction at his fingertips.

He is a perfect example of a spoiled rotten bully.  Back in our day (yes…I’m an old fart) there was only one way to survive and handle a bully’s tactics.  We stood up to them and punched them in the nose. Nearly every single time…they backed down and left us alone.  In fact, (again in my day) they stopped the nonsense and many became friends and stopped their bullying of others.  This is exactly why Trump is treating this kid as he is.  This North Korean has bullied everybody before Trump, gotten away with it, and has now become a nuclear threat.

The stakes are very serious.  And they’ve come about through weak and soft responses to him from our past Presidents.  In fact, Bill Clinton gave MILLIONS of dollars to NK in return for the promise of staying a non-nuclear country.  Ha!  How’d that work out?  The problem was that nobody enforced it.  Bush didn’t do much either to verify if NK had nukes because he was focused on 9/11, Iraq and the Mideast.  Obama just gave lip service and kicked the can down the road for someone else.  That someone else is President Trump.  And what we’re seeing is “Leadership” and confronting the threat head on.  And the liberals trash him for it.

That brings me back to what we see happening in the U.S. by our own politicians in the Democrat party and all the liberal freaks in this country.  They are acting more childish than Rocketman and are just as maniacal in their efforts to destroy this country…but are doing it internally.

I’m serious…I am frightened more by the lunatic leftists and their terrorist organizations that work for them than I am of Rocketman.  Give us a few days and Seal Team 6 and they will make Mr. Rocketman disappear.  And if by chance Rocketman pushes the button of a nuclear launch before that…we have the most powerful Military in the world and they will make the largest 4th of July fireworks over the ocean you’ve ever seen by blowing it out of the sky.  Game over!

Lunatic Liberals are killing us and our country.  Remember how LOUD they have been for years about we conservatives not being “tolerant”?  Well in 2016, they lost an election that they thought was wrapped up.  And following THAT loss…they’ve lost their freaking minds!  Tolerance??  My ass!  All I see is violence and support for violence from the Left.  Every single day they are out there trashing our President and every one of us supporters.  And you don’t have to be a Trump or Republican, Libertarian, or any other conservative supporter…all you have to be is a non-liberal follower and you are in their cross-hairs.  Literally!!  Just ask Congressman Scalise!!

Can you imagine the backlash and horror from our Liberals if we held up bloody heads of Obama?  Or we allowed and PRAISED drama productions in NY that glorified the murder of Obama?  Or non-liberal politicians calling for impeachment for every single stupid thing in the book?  They would have rioted!

One liberal Congressman has called for impeaching the President for asking a group of supporters; “Wouldn’t you like to see one of those NFL owners say, get that SOB off the field and fire him” for disrespecting our Flag and National Anthem”?  Now really folks…does that come anywhere near being a misdemeanor or a high crime??

And for the record…”Yes, Mr. President…I’d LOVE to see an owner fire the SOB.  And speaking of this…I would like to go on record as saying…”I would expect my President of the United States of America to be the FIRST and LOUDEST person to defend our Flag and National Anthem and call out those who don’t”!!

The Leftists have launched racism again to add to their arsenal.  And it started with Obama.  I have lived over 60 years on this planet and saw racism growing up in California.  We handled it differently then.  There were times we’d slap it out a bit, stand back up, dust ourselves off, shake hands and many times became good friends.  Our racism in this country had declined to levels that were beautiful to witness. Once Obama was elected we had hopes of it getting even better.  Unfortunately, we elected a black man that “hid” his racism until he was elected.  And to be honest…the racism I see today is far worse than it was 50+ years ago.  In fact…there are only about 15-16% of the population that are black.  That means a hell of a lot of white “racists” voted for a black man to be President.  That wouldn’t have happened in the 50’s or 60’s my friends!!  SHAME on you Mr. Obama!!

The Leftists support all the anti-groups and ridicule any of us who don’t agree with that support.  A group of peaceful protestors with a “permit” to march in Charlottesville, were blindsided by an Anti-fa group and some BLM’s thrown in for good measure and one of the white guys went nuts and ended up driving a car into a group and killing someone when Anti-fa attacked.  And off we go!

President Trump reacted immediately and was AGAIN criticized for his comments for not SPECIFICALLY pointing out that a WHITE man was driving the car that ran into someone and the resultant death.

Interesting…I remember a BLM protest in Dallas that resulted in at least 5 Police Officers being murdered and several more injured during that riot…excuse me…I mean protest.  Obama goes on live TV and NEVER once condemned black people for “intentionally” murdering policemen!!  And the sorry bastard NEVER got called out on it!!  Did you hear anything from the Media that called out Obama for not “specifically” calling out who their murderers were?  Of course not.

The last group of people that are extremely dangerous to this country and I fear much more than Rocketman…is the Main Stream Media”.  These people are absolutely fricking nuts!!  They do nothing but broadcast lies, half-truths and every despicable thing in the world that doesn’t line up with liberal madness.  And when called out on it…they ignore it.  They have the power of the airwaves at their disposal and are 100% compliant in the attack on all things American and anything that is Patriotic!

The media is funded by very sinister people around the world.  They’re backing of all the anti-American rhetoric and many times outright indoctrination and support of falsehoods is deplorable.  And we the people are suffering because of it.

It’s all backwards, folks.  The Enemy is Within … and it’s our own demented leftist fanatics!

And that frightens me a whole hell of a lot more than Rocketman!!

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Old Woolfy

Old Woolfy was born in Southern California and lived up and down the West Coast States and multiple States in the Midwest. He was a Marketing Director and Business Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies. He has one Daughter and three precious Grandchildren and is currently not married. He is a true "Conservative" who votes primarily Republican but will vote independently when a Rino is on the ticket.due to many GOP's abandonment of conservative core principals. Old Woolfy has authored numerous "Career Training Curriculum's", Corporate Training Manuals, White Papers, Resumes, Cover Letters, Short Stories, and Poetry.


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