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I have on occasion revealed the miracle the Holy Spirit revealed in my life, more than three years ago. I was until that day at best a Christian-in-name-only. At worst, I was the chief of sinners. Proverbs 6:2 described me to a tee. Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, though art taken with the words of thy mouth.

I had a untamed mind and was not bothered by profanity. I used profanity on a daily basis, and when irked, I could make a sailor blush. My mind was utterly corrupt. Sexual innuendo flashed through my mind continually.

I’d become a Christian in my twenties, but for the next forty years, I dwelled in a spiritual desert. I knew how I should live, but I lacked the power and the will. Somewhere along the line, I gave up. I quit even trying to be Christ-like.

But, three years ago, literally overnight, God changed me. I didn’t ask Him to. I didn’t pray for reviva. I just went to bed on a Tuesday night in mid-May, 2013, and woke up Wednesday morning, completely changed. But, it happened to me just the same. It took a while for me to recognize things were different. I am amazed even now. One of the first indications was a hunger for the Word of God. I couldn’t get enough of YouTube videos of various preachers and teachers. I also turned against regular programming because the scales fell off. Profanity and sexual content grieved my spirit and led me to stop watching network television.

I realized I no longer cared about the things of this world. I’d been a Steeler fan since my youth, but that changed. In the old days, with each TD scored, I’d jump up and yell. In fact, when I did go to church in those days, I remained painfully aware of the time then rushed home to avoid missing kickoff.

Now, Big Ben could toss a forty yard TD pass, and although I was happy for him and wanted the Steelers to win, I no longer jumped and yelled or thrust my fist in the air.

I changed in other ways, too. My quick temper always got me into trouble. Driving to work often resulted in rage when drivers pulled out in front of me. How dare they?

Yet, now, nothing bothered me. Road rage evaporated because the Lord was in charge. If He allowed a car to pull in front of me and drive ten miles slower than the speed limit, I didn’t care because I knew He’d get me to work on time, regardless.

Today, I have joy unspeakable in just about everything, good or bad. And, I had nothing whatsoever to do with the miracle God bestowed on my miserable life.

Which brings me to my point. I have supported Donald Trump for president these past nine or ten months. I will vote for him in November, and I will not be dissuaded by decade old tapes of him saying things I used to say.

I’m not stupid enough to believe the release of that tape was the Democrats’ idea. I find it curious the tape was released the same day as Wikileaks revealed the depth and scope of the political corruption in America. No, I fully believe Republicans like Paul Ryan leaked the tape with the aim to destroy the nominee of his own party because, failing to derail Trump before and during the convention, Ryan and other RINOs have shown the lengths they will go to in order to maintain the status quo.

That status quo includes America without borders, without immigration laws, and amnesty for every criminal alien who managed to sneak into our country and commit the same crimes they perpetrated in their home nations. The Democrats and the Republicans together are determined to thwart the will of the people.

Wikileaks proves the political elite is hostile to the Middle Class and prefers us to be unaware and compliant. Both Democrats and Republicans actively seek to increase “refugees” by the millions, refugees they admit could be used by ISIS to invade our nation.

Are the Republicans and Democrats allowing this to occur to allow ISIS to occupy our land and force us to submit to Islam? The trend certainly is headed that way, as schools across America are today teaching the five pillars of Islam. You can’t bow your head and ask God’s blessing or be arrested for violating the supposed separation of church and state. But, you can pray to Allah.

This election is a war for the survival of the United States of America as a republic. If the globalist candidate wins, either by hook or by crook, our freedom to worship the God of Israel will be outlawed, I do believe, along with making personal self-defense illegal. The 2nd Amendment will be repealed by the judges Hillary appoints to the Supreme Court.

So, fellow Christians, do we give up? Do we do nothing and allow evil to triumph? If the media tricks you into pointing fingers at Trump for his boorishness a decade past, what hope do your children and grandchildren have?

Isn’t it time to get out of the pew and enlist in the army of God? Isn’t it time to put on the whole armor and fight to the death? Even if we lose, we win. Many of us might become those beheaded for the witness of Christ. Even when the Globalists win, they lose their souls. God does not wish Hillary or anyone else to perish but to come to repentance. When we fight the good fight, we’re fighting for their eternal destiny also.

Wake up!. If we do not, we surrender to evil and may not live to see the rapture of believers. The end is near, but the Lord never said it was about to occur right now. We still have the opportunity to preach the Gospel. We still have the time to pray for revival. Let’s not blow this chance to be obedient to the King of kings and the Lord of Lords.


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