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I remember the days of the large old farm houses and large family farms where families worked together to bring the crops in with the help of neighbors and friends, while the wives would make hot cocoa for the workers on those chilly October days. Kids would play in the first snowfall, and build a half grass and half snow person, only to see it melting the next day. Bundling up for those trips to family members and the kids running around outside playing tag, and hide and seek. Where did those days go?

We see hate on the streets of cities, and children no longer can go outside their homes in fear that they may be kidnapped, or worse. The division between different groups of people, clashes between races, and destruction of people’s homes and livelihoods is the new norm on the latest news segment. It is accepted to show, no scream out racism and bigotry while covering it in other names or for “the safety” of America, but lipstick on a pig is still lipstick on a pig. Using vulgarity in front of children and Ladies is commonplace, and sexual intercourse is all but rapid on “family time” television. We see liars, crooks, and criminals being elected to political office over morally sound and principled candidates. Voters want an exciting candidate that promises rainbows over one who can debate with strength and clarity. We see a social media infested with people who want to insult and demean anyone who does not agree with them, and to boycott, hurt, or damage anyone in public that does not do as they want. Americans have come to the point that if a well educated, strong candidate has 1 item that they do not agree with, they will rip that person apart for the rowdy, loud, and sometimes criminal candidate.

Children can no longer be safe at schools, and if they are in school, they are taught things that go against their religion or against the principles and values of their parents. The parents are threatened if they try to stop the teachings. Families cannot go to malls to buy school clothes, or that special engagement bobble to propose to the most wonderful gal in the world in fear of some crazed person going on a shooting spree. Children are put on un-needed medication because parents don’t have time to bother to discipline or correct their children. Young teenagers are having intercourse, and no worries, if there is a pregnancy, it can be removed as simple as 1, 2,3.

The government bullies and threatens every American from levying taxes, taking their livelihood, or land while the government does less and less to protect Americans but more to protect those around the world who hate America, burn her flag, and use epitaphs against her President. We have removed the requirement to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, well what does one pledge allegiance to? It is acceptable, without outrage, to throw Old Glory on the ground, stomp on her, burn her, and defecate on her. She represents every American Vet that has gone to war to keep America free, so everytime an uneducated person damages Old Glory, you are doing the same to one of our true heroes, an American Veteran of a Foreign War.

Our freedoms are diminished, and people try to date the Constitution to being old and not pertinent, but it served this beautiful country for over 200 years and made her the strongest country the world has ever seen. We see politicians and federal employees being traitors to America, and acting like they somehow are a hero for their actions, and no one is just standing in the center of Kansas and Screaming at the top of their lungs “STOP”, enough is enough. When does civic duty get tossed away and selfishness become the order of the day? When does America become the bad guy, with the millions given in lives, blood, sweat and tears to protect democracies around the world, and when does America become that sweet somewhat innocent life loving country once again for her people?

The liberal idealism is to slowly introduce a more caustic society so that it can “come to the rescue” and save the “poor souls”. The problem with that is they are seeing their grand scheme deteriorating the fabric of America in return for death, destruction, and anarchy. Introducing laws, ideas, and “correct” thinking has only caused a division, no a crevice of a huge proportion of Americans and it needs to be healed before the America that I know once again thrives and flourishes. Where the corner service station knows your name, and the corner market brings a glimmer to the eyes of a little one at Christmas time. IT all must start at the family table, and that means employers who love the liberalization of work hours, to realize work and personal life balance means that families need to be together first and foremost.


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