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I hope that my age has given me the wisdom to discern, the common sense to ferret what should be, and the innate ability to read between the lines, as I attempt here to exact the factors that have put us in a free fall.

For the past sixteen (16) years we have been inundated with politics as never before. The candidates, during election years, have intruded into most of our “news” time.  They have intentionally flooded our lives with their individual agendas. It doesn’t surprise me that most Americans are so saturated with information; that they have closed their minds to it all.

I believe the change in thought gained steam with the Bush, Jr. / Gore election campaign at the turn of this, the Twenty first (21st) Century. After winning the election Pres. Bush moved forward with Economic policies that did not resonate well and the United States Economy suffered.  Then he pushed us into a war that has been questioned to this day; and so began the slow, steady division within our Country of all key issues. His policy of “…no child left behind…” has decimated our Education system. We could have recovered from that with a new Administration.

But up stepped Barack Obama, and the American people believed his “…hope and change…” promise; they were so eager to see a refreshing attitude in Washington D.C.

And so it began.  Our decline.  Our decline as a Republic, as a World Leader. Our loss of respect as a nation to be emulated, as a people to be admired for controlling their own destiny, with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice, and the ability to achieve our own dreams.

But were we so disgusted, and so yearning for stability and honesty, that we put Obama in office, without listening to his detractors, without vetting him thoroughly and investigating the background of this newcomer on the American stage? He brought with him a slew of Liberals, and many Civil Rights advocates leaning too far to the Left.  In many communities he won the majority of votes from the Black sector.  They wanted so bad to see one of their own in the highest seat of the land, that they voted according to color instead of abilities. They never have accepted the fact that Obama’s mother was of the Caucasian (white) community.  Nor have they realized nor accepted that his birth certificate should have read his race as White.  (On birth certificates of split-national parents the race of the mother is always the dominant) Perhaps the oft stated opinion of an “altered” birth certificate has some merit. (But that is old news at this time).

Enter the Progressive Liberals, who, by now, have successfully infiltrated the Democratic Party. We have seen the last of the real Democratic Party. Possibly the last true Democrat to sit in the Oval Office was President John F. Kennedy. A long time ago, yes, but sometimes changes such as we have seen take a long time.  And intentionally so. The brief set of Republicans, after Kennedy, made such a debacle of the system with their unsuccessful push for stability in our Society, that we almost lost it all.

President Ronald Reagan was the “calm after the storm” that swept through our Country a few short years after JFK. He made a welcomed change in course.  And to this day he has received the acclaim of all as our greatest President.  But his legacy did not endure. The Bush – Clinton – Bush era came along and quickly put a hole in our balloon.

No group outside of our Republic Ideology would dare to attempt such a coup overnight (if you will). A slow deliberate transformation had to be measured and planned.  And therein lies the mistake of the Obama Administration.  President Obama brought in many of his supporters from the “civil rights” groups.  And Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House at that time, was so enamored with our new President, and anxious to please, that she went along with whatever he wanted.

It is my opinion that Progressives and Liberals have, together, formed an alliance that has spawned a form of Socialism. It is also my opinion that Socialism consists of two separate and distinct factions; the wealthy and the lower class. The wealthy achieve the best that Society has to offer in opportunities, power, and status. The middle class must endure such high taxes to support the Government of Socialism, and its’ uneven division within Society, that they soon will not be able to do so. (i.e. the money will run out).

Here in our United States the burden of taxes on the middle class is proving too much for many. We therefore will see the devastating factors of a Government in collapse. which is what we now see in Venezuela, (a Federal Republic on the Northern Coast of South America) which is going through a horrific time of economic upheaval) We must do all we can to prevent such an occurrence. The America we have known and loved, that has given us a stable and rewarding form of Government in the Republic, must be kept solvent and reliable.  As a World Leader many small nations depend on us. We cannot, and should not let them, or ourselves, down.

Socialism is not the American way of life.


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