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The controversy over rescinding ObamaCare is much simpler than Democrats and their major media lackeys would have you believe.

The story Obama cajoled the insurance industry into cooperating saying he would require everyone to buy coverage is likely fact. It was disingenuous as he was really aiming at full-blown government socialized medicine which they would object to strongly as it would put them out of business.

The layers of deceit in ObamaCare are equal to its’ 2800 pages. It really does not exist empirically as the deductible is $6,000 for an individual and over $12,000 for a family. Few Americans get that sick. When ObamaCare is gone few will miss anything but the premiums, which are outrageous with some double what the policy holders had been paying for better coverage! That anyone could think this a “signature accomplishment” is ridiculous. It is much more a tombstone inscription for a failed Presidency.

There are 1300 insurance companies selling “health care,” which we believe should be called “sick care” as no one needs insurance to deal with health. We need insurance to deal with “sick.” Usually not since the human body is a self-healing mechanism. When a surgeon operates his primary task is to get everything back in place as the body will knit everything back together to reform the mechanism dictated in DNA. All other processes work in similar manners by DNA instructions for the body design and function. It is “the book.”

Galen, the first physician, said, “Do no harm…” more than a “mouthful” 1800 years ago. I am witness to the fact doctors do a lot of harm and charge a lot of money for it. Their greatest feats of surgery are performed on our wallets.

The modern practice of running to a doctor every time you have a itch, pain or anything out of the ordinary only means a person in a white coat with a stethoscope necklace is only going to make it worse and peel you for $200. Under ObamaCare you only have to do this 30 times to begin to get a partial payment such that your visits only cost $180 until your policy anniversary then it starts all over. “Doctor Addiction” is a mental illness costing America billions of Dollars annually. No wonder most are Democrats!

The Federal government only needs to pass a law making all insurance national and get rid of state insurance bureaus as all are corrupt. The proof is in the numbers: In California there are only three insurance companies licensed to sell health insurance in that state, the three that would “buy the business,” in their language, with bribes and campaign contributions. A national free market for sick care will sort this out quicker and more efficiently than a new program and bureau.

The one other problem that needs to be solved to bring equitable sick care to America and perhaps the world, is to prosecute fraud in hospital billing. You may laugh at stories of $320 aspirin pills, but I can beat that.

Two years ago I had cataract surgery and after the first operation, as they do one eye at a time, I got a bill from the hospital for $20,000! Had I been a young man I would have freaked, age brings wisdom so I only sighed and shifted into “battle” mode.

I searched for a “master study of cataract operation costs” and found two. “Master studies” are studies of studies, usually 100 or more, with a statistical analyses and both told me the national average charge for the services I received was $2,000. The trend was such that both authors expected the charge to be $1,600 by 2020 AD. Furthermore, in the world the price went all the way down to $40 in India and Africa. Given my experience I could understand how that could be. It was clearly “quick and easy.”

I put this together with a cover letter, sent it to my county District Attorney asking for a fraud prosecution, sent a copy to the hospital and got no response! In a month I went in for the second operation, meeting no resistance from the staff, who seemed more than usually concerned with my comfort: No bill forthcoming. Apparently the Medicare payment was sufficient. Maybe the DA rattled the windows.

Hospitals get away with “creative billing” as they usually deal with elderly people who have respect for people in white coats wearing stethoscope neckware or have no will to fight. Hospitals sending outrageous bills like mine, ten times what it should be, will get a high percentage of payments in full! This has to end. This alone has put sick care out-of-reach.

This is a form of corruption in a business we cannot afford to abide as people are dying as a result. It is so common in hospitals and medicine it is the primary corruption. The “ethical drug” business in another field rife with corruption and much comes from government.

It is said to cost $1 billion to bring a new drug to market. When the manufacturing process is perfected most drugs cost pennies per dose, but the makers have to cover the millions of Dollars it took to discover, manufacture or synthesize, test and get approval from government, hence the billion Dollars. There are many opportunities for corruption along the way and they happen. The final one is the most galling.

We have laws against “insider trading,” the buying or selling of stock on advance, confidential information. It was the issue that sent Martha Stewart to prison for a year, but members of Congress can act on such information. It is said Diane Feinstein has made so much money this way she will be the first elected person in history to have made one billion Dollars while in office. This must come to an end.


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