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This essay is not about some silly Senate label on a vote that diminishes minority input.  It is about the necessity to demolish and instill terror into the minds of those who think terror is a viable means of dealing with their fellow mankind.  Harry Truman decided  the loss of American and ally life would be too high a price to pay when the option of invading the Japanese was proposed and contemplated.  He was correct in his use of atomic power as witnessed by the fact that the Japanese for all their bravado and kamikaze tactics capitulated only a few days after seeing what was in store fro them if they continued their madness.

We are faced with a new bunch of butchers who intend to intimidate us into accepting their barbaric notions and the only rational response to a terrorist is to give him an idea of what real terror will consist of for him and those who associate with him.  We do not need to send soldiers into the Middle East to be captured, killed and hit with road bombs.  We have done that and the results have been shattered American families, maimed returning soldiers, losses of parents lives and children growing up facing the threat anew.

We have the means and the weapons to obliterate this barbarism but we don’t have the will to inflict the kind of mayhem that will get the attention of the terrorists and leave them in a state of constant fear.  They seek to instill fear, let them know what kind of fear they can experience as they are wiped out and confronted with the realization that only by their complete surrender can they be allowed to coexist.  We are not going to embrace their 13th century philosophy of slavery to their beliefs that the world has long outgrown and overcome.  We are not going to revert to barbarism but we are going to inform those who want barbarism that we have far greater weapons and means to put a stop to any movement that aims at reversing our gains that established individual rights .  We have no intention of simply surrendering those gains for some barbaric notion of a faith that honors martyrdom over productive behavior.  We have no intention of cowing down to killers who behead our fellow citizens.

With the stockpile of nuclear weapons we possess why did we stockpile them and retain them if not to deter any threat that was presented?  We cannot use diplomacy on these primitives. They are infiltrated with blind faith and that idiocy rejects reason.  Reason and diplomacy cannot be divorced.  That leaves only force and overwhelming force must be the answer to their threats.  We will lose thousands of American troops in another prolonged “conflict” that could be avoided with a little courage from those who sought power through elections and then refuse to protect those who voted from threats.  Power without courage is a means to ultimate demise.

The lack of courage of our politicians is the result of them absorbing uncritically what the nature of government is and why its primary function is to protect the citizens that they supposedly represent.  The politicians have diverted and obfuscated thinking their only purpose is to get elected and then worry about the next election to stay in power.  That is NOT the role politicians should accept nor aspire to.  The moniker “public servant” which they bandy about, if taken literally would fit their job description more closely than the current notion that they are an elite wiser than thou overlord.

There can never be peace if these continuous police actions answer conflict with troops stationed at all corners of the globe waiting to be kidnapped, beheaded, shot or imprisoned while the thugs rant and rave they want their unreasoned rules to prevail.  Thoughtful persons have shouted to the American people to “wake up” and demand their government protect them ( with the unspoken addendum , “ by any means necessary”).

The final issue to address is the loss of innocents.  Not by the terrorists evidently as this isn’t their dominant theme.  We can warn before we strike but we cannot avoid the loss of innocent lives of our enemies just as we cannot avoid losing soldiers if we place them in harm’s way to avoid a more devastating attack via nuclear weapons.  It has been a tradition in the Middle East to join the winning side and switch as the tides of battle turn.  This seems to be unnoticed by our politicians and they consequently don’t know who to side with for a coalition.  This phenomena would come to a screeching halt if they knew the United Staes would not tolerate and would retaliate against any threat to American interests.

I know that most who bother to read this will call it too radical and too out of step with the people who fill out polls.  I can only say, “ So what?”  We have seen what the conventional pundits and politicians have come up with as an answer and it simply hasn’t and won’t work.  For the sake of the coming generation speak up and don’t rely on them to discover what we now know , have learned the hard way and have elected leaders who don’t know what  their job is.

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