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Second to the ballot box citizens can send a clear and loud message with their wallets.  Americans can financially support, or can financially pull away from a business or product, and the noticeable loss of dollars (profit) will send a loud and unmistakably clear message that in many ways will “speak” more forcibly than voting ballots, and far more clearly than most public officials.  Starbucks always supporting very left causes and ideologies has once again slapped the American consumer by their support of hiring refugees rather than seeking the unemployed Americans immediately at their coffee shops front doors.  Starbucks executive leadership team went so far as to publicly state they would immediately begin hiring 10,000 refugees without regard of their country of origin.  This corporate decision was intended to be a public act of defiance and humiliation to President Trump’s temporary ban of accepting refugees from seven countries known to be hostile to the United States, and engaged in sending terrorists into the world promoting Islamic Jihad.  But when you are motivated by ideology inherently against American sovereignty, the core values and principles that helped make America great and exceptional, then issues of United States security are not of any concern to you, but the push to create a New-World Order with no national boundaries or sovereignty is important.  More important than the mere little customers who make their way to your business with their little wallets and small minds not able to grasp the far more lofty ideas promoted by Starbucks.  Oh…Starbucks still wants you to consume their products, but they also want you to remain out of the sophisticated game plan hatched in their elite board room.   You see…filling the United States with third-world poverty people who have no intention of assimilating into American culture, no intention of supporting and celebrating America, but have every intention of altering American culture, values, principles, and shredding our founding documents is perfectly fine!  Starbucks wants you to accept their corporate decision to support this ideology, not ask any questions, and simply shut-up and drink their coffee.  Oh…continue to make Starbucks wealthy so they can dump more money into radical ideology.  Well…Americans are beginning to dump Starbucks coffee!

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