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“I am so sick of hostile immigrants!” I screamed recently, feeling as if my very existence had become eclipsed by the existence of mug-faced immigrants from every race and religion imaginable.  America has become a virtual potpourri of races, but the one factor that is common to almost all is their arrogance and superiority (and in many cases overt disdain for America and Americans).  No one knows better than I the psychological devastation that results from living among people who hate you, and this hatred has reached epic proportions.

The Liberals and the Rhinos (both of whom are the ultimate traitors) say, “America is a country of immigrants” in defense of their disastrous immigration policies.   This is faulty logic for a number of reasons.  First of all, the world was a very different place, say, 130 years ago (when there was a huge influx of immigrants from various parts of Europe) — people were generally sweeter, simpler, humbler, on the whole a better crop of people.  They were genuinely grateful to be in America, and worked hard to overturn the prejudices that were initially directed towards them.  As indicated, most of them had come from Europe, so they all shared a similar worldview and similar set of values.  They spread these values far and wide, and did so in ways that were creative, resourceful, and industrious;   hell, it was mostly European Jews who built the movie studios as we know them today!!

Now, in contrast, people are pouring into America from all over the world, and many of them have an entirely different worldview and set of values, which are not necessarily compatible with our own.  They often display an attitude of smug superiority and even disdain, and have been trained to think that America is a self-satisfied monster that is single-handedly responsible for a lot of the problems in the world.  Also, years ago, America was an isolationist country and stayed out of world affairs (for the most part).  However, once America became a “superpower” (in the changing post-World-War-II world), its foreign policy changed accordingly and now it is officially an interventionist country, constantly policing the world and engaging in disastrous practices such as “nation-building.”  The difference between these two policies is that an isolationist country generally does not incur the kind of hatred and resentment that an interventionist country incurs; when you meddle in other people’s affairs, you are likely to make a lot more enemies.  Therefore, a lot more people hate and resent America now than they did then, and we are constantly allowing immigrants to come into America from the very countries that hate us!  Our leaders’ pathetic, all-consuming obsession with political correctness means that they will slavishly and automatically favor non-white peoples just because they are non-white.  They don’t even bother to assess the quality of these people’s culture or character, or lack thereof… and the result is very much a stew of nasty, arrogant, hateful people who move into our cities and towns and then look down at us and treat us like we are garbage.  They use America as one would use a rich uncle or aunt, strictly for their own selfish purposes and without even an iota of interest in the American people themselves (in a lot of cases but certainly not all).

I can think of no other race that better exemplifies this than the Chinese race.  While I admit that there are many lovely, dear, sweet Chinese people who add much to the country, a great many of them are not so lovely or dear or sweet.  There are swarms of Chinese people where I live; they work in my area but are bused back and forth into their own neighborhoods (previously Italian areas) where they buy up houses like hot-cakes and stuff their entire family tree into each one.  They are coming from a country that is massively overpopulated, so they don’t even notice that they are doing the same thing here that they did in their own country.  They don’t even notice that their areas are so overcrowded that they can’t even find parking spaces on their own blocks!!  They put a tremendous amount of pressure on their children to succeed in school, so their kids tend to be mostly geeks.  The women are mostly shapeless and blank, and the males are often effeminate and skinny.  None of them are very friendly, and they often give me the impression that they would rather be anywhere else than here.  “I can’t fathom why anyone would so many of these blank, arrogant, unappealing people in their country,” I complained once in my journal.  “In my opinion, they add absolutely nothing.”

In all fairness to them, it was Mao Zedong who destroyed his own people; the Great Leap Forward may have been too great a leap, too quick a leap, and in the process the Chinese people lost most of their beautiful, sensual, magnificent ancient culture.  I see traces of this ancient culture in those rare Chinese individuals who, due to some mysterious quirk of fate, somehow possess what many others do not posses.  Their dark eyes reveal the lost glories of some former era which are desperate to rise again and reclaim the souls of their people.  But I know human nature well enough to know that no such reclamations will be made any time soon, and this modern malaise will continue unabated.  The Chinese have been called “the invisible minority” because they vanish in the presence of other “minorities” with much stronger personalities, such as the blacks and Hispanics, and it is in their “invisibility” that they somehow manage to breed more and more of their sexless, snotty, geeky children.  Even some of the Chinese themselves are aware of this; one older Chinese man said to me once, “I tell my children, ‘DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!  The world doesn’t need anymore nasty Chinese people!  There are more than ENOUGH!  And if you do have children, don’t think I’m think I’m gonna watch them!” (If China were producing 1 billion of him, then there’d be no problem.)

HOW does any of this add ANYTHING to the United States?  Anyone can be a doctor.  We don’t need to drag people from China for this purpose.  The attitudes of modern-day Communist China are completely incompatible with what this country stands for.  We are (or at least we were) a Christian country, and we believe in liberty, individuality, justice, and amicability.  But many of those who are born and bred in modern-day China have none of these traits.  I have been in their restaurants and seen their eyes scale over me as if I am trash.  I have passed them in the street and seen their eyes avert mine as if it is beneath them to even look at one as low as I.  But it’s not just them, and it’s not just me. Many modern-day immigrants have this attitude, and many Americans besides myself feel it.  “Oh, they hate us!  I can see it in their faces!”  one of my neighbors said recently, regarding Chinese people specifically but also regarding some other immigrants who have moved into the area.

Consequently, the character of the nation has changed dramatically, and many areas — big cities especially — are beginning to feel like global villages.  They are jam-packed with people of all races who happen to live in the same geographical region, but who have very little interest in each other and very little in common.  The Left-Wing ideology successfully de-invidualizes just about everybody, so after a while all races blend into a single race of cold, expressionless zombies.


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